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Samuel Arbesman on Complex Adaptive Systems and the Difference between Biological and Physics Based Thinking

Samuel Arbesman (@arbesman) is a complexity scientist whose work focuses on the nature of scientific and technological change. Sam's also written two books that I love, The Half-Life of Facts and Overcomplicated.  In this episode, Sam talks...


 2016-11-28  46m

Morgan Housel on Reading, Writing, Filtering Information

Morgan Housel and I talk about how he reads and why he's all kindle all the time. We also talk about the best teacher he's ever had, filtering information, and what indulgences he'd enjoy if there were no consequences. 


 2016-10-24  58m

Pedro Domingos on Artificial Intelligence

On this episode, I am so happy to have Pedro Domingos who is a professor at the University of Washington. He’s the leading researcher in machine learning and recently wrote an amazing book called The Master Algorithm. In this conversation we...


 2016-08-30  1h2m

The Knowledge Project: Véronique Rivest

On this episode, I talked with Véronique Rivest, one of the most respected sommeliers in the world, about one of my favorite subjects: Wine. We're going to go through a tasting, and learn some everyday tips and tricks. (Apologies for audio...


 2016-07-24  1h2m

Ryan Holiday on Reading, What it means to be a Stoic, and How to Take Notes

On this episode of The Knowledge Project, Shane Parrish, from the online intellectual hub Farnam Street, talks with bestselling author Ryan Holiday about how he reads, what it means to be a stoic, the two sides of Seneca, dealing with...


 2016-05-16  45m

Are we too busy to pay attention to life?

An inbetweenisode of sorts where Jeff Annello and I discuss whether we're too busy to pay attention to life - on whether we're too busy to live. If you want more of these let me know #tkp on twitter.


 2016-03-30  43m

Alexander Shelley on The Architecture of Music, The Popularity of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, & The Necessity of Music

On this episode of the knowledge project you'll learn about what goes through conductor Alexander Shelley's mind as he walks from the dressing room to the podium, the architecture of music, why Beethoven's 5th Symphony is so popular, the...


 2016-03-18  56m

Julia Galef on Becoming More Rational, Changing Minds, and Filtering Information

On this episode of The Knowledge Project, I talk rationality, changing minds (our own and others), filtering information, and a lot more with Julia Galef. Galef is the President and co-founder of the Center for Applied Rationality, a non-profit...


 2016-02-20  53m

Venkatesh Rao on The Three Types of Decision Makers, Mental Models, and How to Process Information

Venkatesh is the founder of the blog Ribbonfarm, the technology analysis site Breaking Smart, and the author of a book on decision making called Tempo. We talk about a host of fascinating subjects, including the 3 types of decision makers, mental...


 2016-01-28  1h6m

Philip Tetlock on The Art and Science of Prediction

On this episode, I'm happy to have Philip Tetlock, professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He's the co-leader of The Good Judgement Project, which is a multi-year forecasting study. He's also the author of Superforecasting: The Art and Science of...


 2015-12-08  46m