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episode 7: Everyone Needs to Serve

This week, Dorrance Brezina, successful realtor and prison chaplain shared his experience in business, agriculture and community service. Ted Schierer shared ways that everyone can begin making a difference in their communities through food service and s...


 2015-03-18  55m

episode 6: Community Investment with John Rathjen

This week on JETT Radio John Rathjen shared his community service experience and community investment experience. John has been involved in over 30 different organizations including United Way, Cedar Valley Food Bank, and Rotary. John is Regional Preside...


 2015-03-17  55m

episode 5: Kary Oberbrunner, Author of Day Job to Dream Job

Kary Oberbrunner shared lessons from his book, "Day Job to Dream Job" including how our identity impacts our occupation. Ted Schierer related Kary's work to creating a more sustainable workplace.


 2015-03-16  54m

episode 4: Soil Conservation Planning and Implementation

USDA soil scientist Mark Tomer described several aspects of soil erosion, and how to address it through conservation practices. Dr. Tomer helping design a software program that identifies potentials conservation schemes and how to implement them. He also...


 2015-03-12  54m

episode 3: Community Sustainability: Community Action Agencies with Marci Rafdal

Marci Rafdal described programs facilitated by the Des Moines Community Action Agency. She is the administrator of the program. Programs that provide assistance for food, utilities, and financial management were described. The LIHEAP program for winter h...


 2015-03-11  1h0m

episode 2: Preventative Healthcare with Dr. Richard Deming, Director of Mercy Cancer Center

Dr. Deming explained the cost effectiveness and policy implementation strategies associated with preventative healthcare. The US spends more on healthcare than any other nation. The low level of spending on prevention further complicates the unsustainabl...


 2015-03-10  1h1m

 2015-03-10  55m