The Lincoln Project

Trump may be gone but American politics is still in crisis. The Lincoln Project has sparked a nationwide movement to restore our democracy. This podcast is hosted by co-founder Reed Galen and he is regularly joined by our political experts and guests that helped defeat Trump and continue the mission to stamp out Trumpism and the seditionists who backed him. The podcast discusses today’s political challenges, our vision for the future and how all Americans can be part of our pro-democracy movement.

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episode 124: Vladimir Putin’s Strategy is Chaos

Host Reed Galen is joined by John Sipher, a foreign policy and intelligence expert who served 28 years in the Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service. They discuss the history of Russian intelligence and how that history has led...


 2022-04-14  41m

Don’t Keep Chasing the Rabbit!

Host Reed Galen is joined by fellow Lincoln Project Co-Founder Rick Wilson to unpack where things stand regarding the 2022 midterm elections and give the Democrats a little bit of tough love about what they could be doing better. There is division in...


 2022-04-13  42m

episode 122: Stop Buying Blockbusters in a Netflix World with Mi Vecino

Host Reed Galen is joined by Devon Murphy-Anderson and Alex Berrios, the Co-Founders of Mi Vecino, a voting rights organization in Florida (and proud member of “The Union”) that’s on a mission to register, educate, and empower Black, Brown, and...


 2022-04-08  38m

episode 121: Finding Common Ground with Joe Walsh

Host Reed Galen is joined by former U.S. Congressman, Presidential Candidate, and Radio Host Joe Walsh. They discuss Joe’s journey from being a self described fire-breathing, Tea Party maniac, to challenging incumbent Donald Trump for the 2020 GOP...


 2022-04-06  37m

episode 120: Every Lie Told Owes a Debt to the Truth

Host Reed Galen is joined by Lincoln Project Senior Advisor Stuart Stevens to discuss the state of the national GOP and its continuing descent. Over the last month we’ve collectively seen the Republican Party weirdly flip-flop on Russia, make a fool...


 2022-04-01  32m

episode 119: The Strongman is Losing Control

Host Reed Galen is joined by Comedian and Host of LPTV’s “We're Speaking”, Maya May to answer questions asked by YOU, the members of the Lincoln Project community. Listeners ask about the state of the Republican party and the ongoing culture war...


 2022-03-30  35m

episode 118: Tell a Friend and Join the Union with Megan Matson

Host Reed Galen is joined by Megan Matson, a renowned grassroots organizer/strategist and Board Member of the Lincoln Project. They continue the exciting conversation about the Lincoln Project’s brand new initiative, The Union, with special...


 2022-03-25  30m

episode 117: - Join the Fight to Save Democracy

Host Reed Galen is joined by Lincoln Project Senior Advisor Joe Trippi to discuss the rollout of the Lincoln Project’s latest initiative, The Union. The Union is a pro-democracy coalition of grassroots supporters and organizations dedicated to...


 2022-03-22  30m

episode 116: Vladimir Putin: Isolated, Unhinged, and Cornered

Host Reed Galen is joined by Lincoln Project Senior Advisor Trygve Olson to discuss Vladimir’s Putin recent chilling, fascistic speech that served as a warning to pro-west Russians, the pro-Russia rhetoric we continue to hear from Tucker Carleson...


 2022-03-19  33m

episode 115: The Premonition with Michael Lewis & Dr. Charity Dean

Host Reed Galen is joined by New York Times bestselling author Michael Lewis and the Co-Founder and CEO of Public Health Company to discuss where our nation is with COVID-19 two years after the first lockdown and about one year after Lewis wrote his...


 2022-03-17  33m