Mac Geek Gab (Enhanced AAC)

Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to answer your questions and discuss things of interest to Apple and Mac geeks, yet present them in a way that's both entertaining and informative for the average listener.

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MGG 565: Of Caps and Paste and Macs, Oh My!

Ready to give up on your Mac? Don't let it go quite so easily. There might be an option or a repair or an upgrade!...


 2015-08-09  1h16m

MGG 564: Wave a Minty-Fresh Rubber Chicken Over It

Answering your questions and sharing your tips is top priority in this week's Mac Geek Gab episode. iCloud Photo Library, Mastered for iTunes, Sleepless Macs, Folder Syncing...


 2015-08-02  1h22m

MGG 563: Troubleshooting is a Process ... and So is Ranting About the Cloud

Today it's all about troubleshooting -- and helping you do so. Plus your two favorite geeks teach you some things you didn't know your Mac...


 2015-07-27  1h28m

MGG 562: Picking Your NAS & Trusting Your Gut

It's back to answering your questions this week, including focuses on Apple Music, sharing from within apps, deciphering network interfaces and which NAS to get....


 2015-07-19  1h27m

MGG 561: Cool Stuff Found

Cool Stuff Found is on deck today, folks! Fast-paced runthrough of all the great stuff that both you and your two favorite geeks have found...


 2015-07-12  1h21m

MGG 560: Apple OS Updates, Apple Music & Your Questions Answered

Apple released a slew of updates last week, and your two favorite geeks talk through all of them, answering your questions along the way. OS...


 2015-07-09  1h23m

MGG 559: Connecting Networks Together, Photos on NAS & Upgrade Snapshots

A simple network is simple, but what happens when you need to do a little more? What are the potential pitfalls of storing Photos and...


 2015-06-30  1h21m

MGG 558: Storage Woes & Disabling iCloud Photo Library

John and Dave are back from Midwest Mac BBQ and MacStock and have some stories to tell. Then, of course, it's off to answering your...


 2015-06-23  1h13m

MGG 557: A Decade of Mac Geek Gab and Still Answering Your Questions

Back from WWDC, Dave and John talk through the geekier side of Apple's news and what it means to you. Then they open the mailbag...


 2015-06-14  1h30m

MGG 556: Blowing Dust and Perma-Verbose Mode

Recording hours before the WWDC 2015 keynote, John and Dave answer your questions, as per usual! How do you detect and deal with duplicate files?...


 2015-06-08  1h27m