The Make Money Your Honey Podcast

The Make Money Your Honey Podcast hosted by Amazon best-selling author and millennial personal finance blogger Amanda Abella, is a podcast dedicated to everything you need to know about millennials, marketing and money in the new economy. From personal finance topics like paying off student loans and credit cards to online business and expert interviews, this show aims to help millennials everywhere build a better relationship with their work and their money. It’s a new kind of podcast for a new kind of generation that craves flexibility, abundance and a fulfilling career.

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episode 145: Overcoming Rejection in Sales - Part II

I'm obsessed with sales because the sales process changed my life so much! When I started, I had no idea what I was doing, and I wasn't very good at closing. Once I understood how to have that conversation, ask for money, negotiate, and deal with...



episode 144: Overcoming Rejection in Sales - Part I

Rejection is Part of Sales Rejection is part of the game. Once you realize that rejection is a normal part of sales, you will feel liberated! One reason why people may be so scared of rejection is that they are people pleasers at heart. When you're a...



episode 143: How to Get Thousands of Warm Leads for Free – Part II

Why Your Call to Action is SO Important to Get Warm Leads Many times, clients and new business owners I talk to are missing one essential key aspect of a marketing system. And what I've noticed is they were missing this one aspect of a marketing...



episode 142: How to Get Thousands of Warm Leads for Free - Part I

There are three building blocks for a business to be profitable: The system, the influence, and sales. Many of us start with influence by posting content on social media, except you have zero systems put in place. You don't know what you're selling or...



episode 141: How to Overcome Perfectionism - Part II

Hitting Massive Walls in Your Business I was unemployed ten years ago. I understand what you're going through and my team. We know there's a lot going on right now and why businesswomen and men need valuable information now, more than ever. I decided...



episode 140: How to Overcome Perfectionism - Part I

What is perfectionism? Perfectionism is the refusal to accept any standard short of being absolutely flawless. A business owner looking for perfection may work with the mantra of a project that is entirely perfect, and all put together before...


 2020-06-30  15m

episode 139: Final Steps to Setting Up Your Business Credit, with Shelton Marchman (Part 2)

Part II of my conversation with Shelton Marchman. We dive into business credit essentials and why they are so vital if you’re looking to build your business. Many people start their business without a tax ID number or setting up an LLC. In this...


 2020-06-23  29m

episode 138: Using Debt to Leverage Your Company, with Shelton Marchman (Part 1)

Shelton Marchman is author of Give Me Credit for Trying. He has been a business credit expert for the last two decades. Today we are going to chat into how to use debt to leverage your business correctly.   Consumer debt and business debt are two...


 2020-06-16  25m

episode 137: Activating Your Prey Drive, with Coach Burt (Part 2)

Michael “Coach Burt” and I talk more about thriving in a crisis economy, by starting with a driving factor some of us have experienced - it's called prey drive. Prey drive is a drive inside of you that is typically activated by an external factor....


 2020-06-09  25m

episode 136: How Your Business Can Thrive in a Crisis Economy, with Coach Burt (Part 1)

My mentor, coach Michael Burt is going to discuss sales in a crisis environment. I've joined his coaching program, and, as a result, we've got more clients, more residual income, and we were able to hire a sales team. Your Product or Service Isn't...


 2020-06-02  15m