The Making of a Podcast Podcast (The MOPP)

“The Making of a Podcast” Podcast (The MOPP) will take you on an audible adventure through the process of making your podcast. Learn along with Dave & Andrew as they share their experiences and recently acquired knowledge on everything there is to know about podcasting. Be warned, these two, going on 40, men don’t hold back and won’t take failure as an option.

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episode 5: The MOPP S1 E5 - Software & Editing

Dave figures a video game will work well to edit our podcast! Fred Penner fits in there somehow as well.



episode 4: The MOPP S1 E4 - it's all about structure!

Join us as we fumble around on the topic of structuring your podcast.

Pre-Roll - Ad spot/Clip from the show
Intro - 30 seconds to hook the listener + Intro music
Mid-Roll - Ad spot/Break
Topic - Point form to keep you on track
Post-Roll - Ad spot/Call to action
Outro - 60 seconds to recap + Outro music

Another cast, another hilarious breakdown.  Andrew & Dave realize they didn't finish their episode outline before recording and end up going rogue...



episode 1: The MOPP S1 E1 - Welcome to The Making of a Podcast Podcast!

We kick things off letting you know who we are and just what to expect from us.

Andrew & Dave run down who they are and why they decided to start podcasting.

Intro, outro and mid-roll music used from Leo Moracchioli’s cover songs. https://www.frogleapstudios.comSupport the show (


 2020-01-18  11m

episode 3: The MOPP S1 E3 - How to set up your studio and where!

Does it really matter where you record your podcast and what you use?

Where - Where should you record? Will you be recording in the field?
How - How will you set up studio?
Equipment - What are you going to need?

We go over a few do's and don'ts, as well as a brief overview of the equipment you'll need depending on how you plan on setting up.

As promised, we are currently using the Neewer NW-800 studio setup.  It was cheap and it gave us everything we needed...


 2020-01-18  20m

episode 2: The MOPP S1 E2 - What you need to start podcasting!

Starting a Podcast can be a little intimidating, unless you're insane and dive in with absolutely no idea what your doing.  Let the shenanigans begin!

Getting Started
Who - Who's going to be involved in your podcast?
What - What will your podcast be about?
Why - Why are you starting a podcast? What is your goal?

Our answers to these questions and how important it is to answer them before you start...


 2020-01-18  20m

The MOPP Launch Trailer

Dave & Andrew introduce you to The Making of a Podcast Podcast and invite you to follow us through this audible adventure of learning the ins and outs of creating a podcast.

Hey everybody, welcome to The Making of a  Podcast Podcast, or The MOPP, I’m Dave,

I am Andrew.

Are you looking to start your own podcast?

I don't know am I.

I don't know...


 2020-01-13  0m
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