The Mana Pool

Chewie, Mike, Brian, and Dirk have been talking about Magic: The Gathering on the internet for almost 10 years (at the time of this writing). Since there are so many shows about strategy and tournaments, these dorks focus on all the fun you can have with the game outside of that, from flavor to philosophy to game design to history to whatever else we can come up with. We're funny, we're serious about what we do, and we love it!

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Episode 459 - Gods and Callbacks

We have now seen all the Gods of Amonkhet, and they're pretty neat. We've also got a few stand out cards that will be powerful in various formats, like Harsh Mentor. We've got a few completely bizarre cards that will hopefully snatch a few games for...


 2017-04-15  2h17m

Episode 458 - Invoking Amonkhet

The Age of Amonkhet is upon us! The new Masterpieces are called Invocations and they have the entire internet in an uproar. We'll touch on all the problems people have had and give our opinions. Then we'll cover all the mechanics and a handful of...


 2017-04-09  2h4m

Episode 457 - The Orlando Report

  A report of all the shenanigans the four of us got up to at GP Orlando! So sorry if we missed any of you while we were there! I'm exhausted so that's all I'm writing. GP Orlando Coverage -


 2017-04-01  1h36m

Episode 456 - Ultimate Kombat Smashy Smashy Face Punch Konflict F4rce

This episode is a truly strange one. Brian's not here, he got sick and died since I saw him the previous night. We have a sponsor this week, Easy Roller Dice Co. We grabbed Cap from Lair of Lore to join us. We've got a truly epic listener-submitted...


 2017-03-19  1h35m

Episode 455 - Cosmic Larva For President

Woo! Cosmic Larva in 2020! It's got to be better than the Desecration Elemental, right? Guys? In this episode we're finishing off our look at Modern Masters 2017! The whole set looks like a lot of fun to draft. There are a few more rarity shifts to...


 2017-03-12  2h29m

Episode 454 - This Set Is Insane!

No really. Have you seen the cards in Modern Masters 2017? It's completely bonkers. They've pulled out all the stops with this one, presumably to make up for the last two Masters sets. We're just diving right in and looking at all the stuff that has...


 2017-03-04  1h57m

Episode 453 - The Lich's Tome

Not sure why we're talking about television shows at the beginning. We're just weird. We begin the actual show by thinking about some things that may or may not (and also almost certainly won't) be in Modern Masters 2017. It turns out Dirk might be a...


 2017-02-26  2h20m

Episode 452 - Partnering Up

This episode begins with an extremely quick Sam Quiz followed by another user-submitted Magic Mad Lib from lvl99luck. Little did he know that it would play into our episode's theme! We didn't know that either! It's an amazing coincidence! Buy lottery...


 2017-02-19  1h57m

Episode 451 - Someone To Midnight Ritual With

It's time for a new episode of The Mana Pool! We've got a brand new Magic Mad Lib, except this one was written by Chewie for the first time ever! Be afraid, it's based on some of his recent experiences. After that we're doing a Mythic Conscription of...


 2017-02-12  2h30m

Episode 450 - We Have Returned! (MTG RPG)

It is time! Karim, Alaric, and The Angel are back to track down the mysteries of Trivester! Not because we want to, but because we can't freakin' leave the plane and we'd really rather be somewhere else. Plus apparently the dice have decided that...


 2017-02-05  2h16m