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A podcast for the mapping community. Interviews with the people that are shaping the future of GIS, geospatial and the mapping world. This is a podcast for the GIS and geospatial community

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episode 164: Monetizing An Open-Source Geospatial Project

WhiteBox Contains over 500 geospatial analysis tools. Many of these tools have novel functionality that you won’t find in other software and it's FREE to use! But is it possible to monetize an open-source geospatial project? and if so how would you do th...


 2022-07-27  59m

episode 161: Whitebox Tools Is The Backend To Many Frontends

WhiteBox Contains over 500 geospatial analysis tools. Many of these tools have novel functionality that you won’t find in other software and it's FREE to use!   Sponsored By Lightbox   More podcas...


 2022-07-20  50m

episode 162: QGIS Offline And In The Field

Mergin Maps lets you create QGIS projects that can be used to collect and edit data in the field. You see updates in near real-time, even from the field. Works offline. Edits are merged automatically. View and edit geodata in the field. Integrate with ex...


 2022-07-12  36m

episode 163: Sentinel Hub

Sentinel Hub makes satellite data easily accessible for you to be browsed or analyzed within your own environment. Imagine something between The Microsoft Planetry Computer and Google Earth Engine and you are probably thinking about Sentinel Hub! https:...


 2022-07-06  51m

episode 160: Unstructured Data Is Dark Data

This episode is all about Unstructured Data but alone the way you will be introduced to the concept of 1st 2nd and 3rd order metadata, edge computing, and knowledge graphs.   And yes "Dark Data" is a thing!  "the information assets organizations collect,...


 2022-06-29  41m

episode 159: What Is Modern GIS?

Modern GIS is the process, systems, and technology used to derive insights from geospatial data. Modern GIS uses open, interoperable, and standards-based technology. It can be run locally or in the cloud and can scale to work with many different types, v...


 2022-06-25  48m

episode 158: FOSS4G

FOSS4G is the acronym for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. It is the annual recurring global event hosted by OSGeo, the non-profit organization that supports and promotes the collaborative development of free and open-source geographic techn...


 2022-06-08  26m

episode 157: Building a web based mapping tool into a business

Tom MacWright is building a web-based mapping tool into a business and you are probably thinking, wait, don't we have those already?    So why is he building a new one?  and why take the risk of trying to build it as a business? This is an ope...


 2022-06-01  49m

episode 156: Digital twins - not just a buzzword

  Digital twins are enabled by cloud infrastructure but are they being driven by data density or the need for more information?  What is real-time data and why it's not a real-time problem? We even manage to weave a robotic dog called spot and a referenc...


 2022-04-28  41m

episode 155: Build Your Own SaaS

Wouldn't it be great to be able to turn your Python scripts into business? this episode is about a platform that can help you do that.   Jakub Dziwisz -Founder & CEO @ Orbify,   Consider supporting this podcast on Patreon  https://www.p...


 2022-04-20  44m