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A podcast for the mapping community. Interviews with the people that are shaping the future of GIS, geospatial and the mapping world. This is a podcast for the GIS and geospatial community

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episode 13: A mapping platform for your outdoor adventures

Many of the big global mapping platforms focus on the urban environment and this makes sense, urban environments are where most people are and they are growing. But what about the outdoors? This is the story of a mapping platform designed for outdoor ent...


 2019-06-05  33m

episode 12: Tracking global air traffic in real time

Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides real-time information for over 180,000 flights a day. It's based on a largely terrestrial network of over 20,000 ADS-B receivers. Flightradar started as a side project in 2006 and now has ov...


 2019-05-29  25m

episode 11: Translating between machine and human when talking about location

Geocoding provides a way of translating between machine and human languages when we communicate location. Machines collect and process location data in terms of latitude and longitude but humans have a much richer vocabulary in terms of describing a loca...


 2019-05-22  41m

episode 10: Mapping Personalised Workplace Risk

Workplace risk and danger are personal, spatial and time-based. In this episode, you will learn how one company is solving for this using personalized notifications based on location. A geospatial safety bubble that follows you around and alerts you when...


 2019-05-15  32m

episode 9: Proof of location, bringing the blockchain to the real world

If GPS can be spoofed, how can we prove that you are where you say you are? XYO is solving this problem by building a network that of devices that independently verify the locations of other devices participating in the network. By building this network ...


 2019-05-08  26m

episode 8: Geo-tagged audio - another way of augmenting reality

We geo-tag images and text all the time so way not do the same with sound? Echoes is a platform that lets you attached audio to physical locations. These areas then act as geofences and trigger content when your listeners physically walk inside. In this ...


 2019-05-03  29m

episode 7: Augmented reality will change the way you think about geospatial

Goodbye, flat maps hello augmented reality and hands-free geospatial! vGIS is a visualization platform that takes existing GIS, CAD and other types of data and merges them into the world of augmented reality. This is the way we will deliver and consume g...


 2019-04-25  29m

episode 6: Data discovery - the way it should be

An interview with Anna Harer from Koordinates is a GIS data discovery platform but you might have heard it called a GIS portal. We discuss the GIS data supply chain and talk candidly about the skills needed in the modern world of GIS and...


 2019-04-16  38m

episode 5: Powering location intelligence with geo social data -

An interview with about the collection and use of geo social data and its role within location intelligence.  Geosocial data is simply location-based social media data. It is media content (mostly text) produced by people on social platforms t...


 2019-04-08  33m

episode 4: freelance mappers create maps for machines

Mapper leverage freelance mappers to acquire data anywhere in the world and enable machines to navigate with centimeter-level accuracy. Founder & CEO Nikhil Naikal talks about his vision for the future of machine maps and what it will take to get there.


 2019-04-02  43m