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A podcast for the mapping community. Interviews with the people that are shaping the future of GIS, geospatial and the mapping world. This is a podcast for the GIS and geospatial community

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episode 123: Hiring And Being Hired For Geospatial Jobs

This episode is a behind-the-scenes look at the hiring process for geospatial jobs. What might the hiring process look like, who are the gatekeepers and what are they looking for?  Nathan Heazlewood - Business Consulting Lead at Eagle Technology https://...


 2021-08-25  41m

episode 122: Building A Personal Brand In The Geospatial Industry

Joe Morrison has built a personal brand in the geospatial industry. This is how he did and how you can do the same thing!    This is the second half of a conversation with Joe, for more context listen to the previous podcast episode called "The Problem W...


 2021-08-19  35m

episode 121: The Problem With Satellite Data Is ...That It Is Not A Commodity

There has been so much talk about satellite data and what we can do with it lately that it feels like we should all be swimming in satellite data, the problem is that satellite data is not a commodity.  Joe Morrison on Twitter


 2021-08-12  52m

episode 120: Being A Conservation Planner

Carolyn Koestner hated the introduction to the GIS course but now she is working towards earning GISP, certification as a GIS professional - how did that happen?    Connect with Carolyn on LinkedIn -     Remember to...


 2021-08-03  25m

episode 119: Open Drone Map

OpenDroneMap is an open-source photogrammetry toolkit to process aerial imagery into maps and 3D models. PDAL GDAL QGIS   Remember to Subscribe :)  Share this podcast with a friend! Join the email list https://mapscaping...


 2021-07-28  40m

episode 118: Being an Early Stage GIS Professional

Adam Black is an early-stage GIS professional currently working full time as a GIS technician working for a transit authority. This is his journey, how he got his first job, what networking has meant in terms of his career and why he is excited about a c...


 2021-07-21  38m

episode 117: MapStore

MapStore is an Open Source highly modular Web GIS framework. It is used to create, manage and share maps, dashboards, and stories created by mixing geospatial contents served from sources like OpenStreetMap, Bing, or from servers adhering to OGC standard...


 2021-07-14  29m

episode 116: Starting Your Own Geospatial Consultancy

Maybe you have thought about starting your own business? about being your own boss. Helen Cooper is the founder of and today on the podcast she shares how and why she started her own geospatial consultancy business with the ho...


 2021-07-07  39m

episode 115: Streamable Data And Geospatial Web Applications

More and more geospatial applications are moving from the desktop to the web browser and in order for this to make sense, we need to be able to stream data from a server to the client. But what is streamable data? what formats or protocols are streamable...


 2021-06-30  47m

episode 114: PDAL - Point Data Abstraction Library

PDAL is like GDAL just for point clouds ... and maybe we should be thinking about point clouds as the third data type?    Howard Butler on Twitter @howardbutler Hobu Inc   R...


 2021-06-23  41m