The Mental Health and Wealth Show

The Mental Health and Wealth Show is hosted by Melanie Lockert, author of Dear Debt and founder of Lola Retreat. The podcast covers all things money and mental health. On the show, Melanie interviews mental health professionals, financial professionals, and people who share their struggles with money and mental health.

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episode 70: Making Money More Accessible and Fun: An Interview with Emily Guy Birken

Do you want to have a more lighthearted relationship with money? Want to learn the integral concepts about money in one single book? Then listen to this episode as I interview for the second time my friend Emily Guy Birken about her new book...



episode 69: How to Achieve Your Money Goals This New Year: An Interview with Certified Financial Planner Gary Grewal

It’s the start of a new year and I know you probably have lots of money goals you’d like to reach this year. So, in today’s episode, I chat with financial planner Gary Grewal about what a Certified Financial Planner is and how one can help you...



episode 68: Paying Off Debt, Reaching FI, and Dealing with Online Hate: An Interview with Jillian Johnsrud

In this week’s episode, join me as I chat with my friend Jillian Johnsrud on how online hate or criticism affects our mental health. Jillian is a popular public speaker, coach, and writer. We talk about her new book “Fire the Haters: Finding...


 2021-12-03  59m

episode 67: How to Rebuild Resilience and Confidence As a Widow: An Interview with Tavona Givens

At the age of 38, Tavona Givens lost her husband due to complications related to H1N1. Today, she shares her story in service of others and works with other women to learn how to manage grief and create new possibilities with life while honoring the...


 2021-11-19  40m

episode 66: Grief and Finding Hope after Loss of a Loved One Due to Murder: An Interview with Hope Reger

How do you deal with grief, find forgiveness and hope after the loss of a loved one due to murder? In this episode, I speak with Hope Reger who lost her son to murder and now supports others dealing with grief with her group Grief 2 Hope. Grief 2 Hope...


 2021-11-12  41m

episode 65: On Money Trauma, First Generation Finance, and Building Wealth: An Interview with Lea Landaverde

In this powerful podcast episode, I chat with Lea Landaverde, a first-generation queer, Latina entrepreneur and finance professional about how money trauma shaped her life and career and what she’s doing to uplift others. Learn how to break...


 2021-11-05  49m

episode 64: How to Trust Yourself and Deal with Sensitivity and Overthinking: An Interview with Melody Wilding

Do you consider yourself a sensitive person? Do you feel everything very deeply? Do you find criticism, feedback, and conflict very difficult? Learn how you can master your emotions and deal with your sensitivity as I chat with Melody Wilding, author...


 2021-10-15  39m

episode 63: Looking at Money Joyfully and Stepping Into Your Financial Power: An Interview with Lauren Canafranca

What if we could look at our money with joy and gratitude instead of shame and blame? In this episode, I chat with money coach Lauren Canafranca about how to do just that. We also chat about her own financial journey, why judgment never works in money...


 2021-10-08  50m

episode 62: On Time, Productivity, Money, and Mental Health: An Interview with Becca Rich

In this week's episode, we're talking about something that everyone has to deal with -  and that is TIME. I chat with Holistic Time Consultant and Coach Becca Rich on how time management and a feeling of time scarcity affect our mental health and...


 2021-09-24  53m

episode 61: Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Autism and More: An Interview with Laura Reber

Dealing with children who have learning disabilities can be quite a challenge. But there are different ways in which parents, teachers, and even school administrators can assist and support them. In this episode, I spoke with Laura Reber, a school...


 2021-09-17  36m