The Michael Kay Show

The voice of the Yankees pairs with New Jersey native Don La Greca and multifaceted DJ Peter Rosenberg.

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Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles: 9/12/16

Jets Head Coach Bowles is on to Buffalo after the Jets' loss to the Bengals.


 2016-09-12  6m

Joe Namath: 9/12/16

Joe Namath talks about the Jets loss in Week 1, playing football in Los Angeles, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Colin Kaepernick's protests.


 2016-09-12  28m

Justin Tuck: 9/12/16

Justin Tuck talks about Victor Cruz getting back in the end zone and the Giants' defeat of the Cowboys. Plus, did spending all that money on defense pay off?


 2016-09-12  11m

The Michael Kay Show: 9/9/16

It's a football Friday on the show! Plus, did the referees do enough to protect Cam Newton in his first game and Michael and Don fight like a married couple.


 2016-09-09  47m

TMKS Pro Picks: 9/9/16

Michael, Don and Peter make their 5-pack of picks for Week 1 of the NFL Season!


 2016-09-09  8m

He's Sully: 9/9/16

Peter saw a new trailer for "Sully" today and wasn't sure if Michael and Don had seen, should a double date ever have a 5th wheel?


 2016-09-09  9m

Greg Buttle: 9/9/16

Greg Buttle talks about the revamped Giants defense and the gauntlet the Jets have in the first 6 games on the season.


 2016-09-09  14m

Donovan McNabb: 9/9/16

Donovan McNabb talks about Ryan Fitzpatrick's potential this year and if the Giants have a clear path to the NFC East title.


 2016-09-09  17m

The Michael Kay Show: 9/8/16

The day has finally is back! Plus, Darrelle Revis forgets to mention Don and the Colin Kaepernick debate writes a new chapter.


 2016-09-08  54m

Frank Caliendo: 9/8/16

Frank Caliendo joins us with a full gamut of impressions including John Madden, Donald Trump, and a Stephen A. Smith-off between Frank and Peter.


 2016-09-08  9m