The Michigan Constitution Podcast

Tony Snyder is a licensed attorney in the State of Michigan who offers a bi-monthly podcast on the Michigan Constitution. Here you will learn about each Article and its respective Sections, what they mean, and case law that has addressed how those provision are implemented in the day-to-day lives of citizens of Michigan.

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episode 37: E-37: Right to Jury Trial (Part 2)

Do you know whether a jury trial is allowed for child neglect cases? Real property ownership? Ejectment?


 2021-06-15  31m

episode 36: E-36: Right to Jury Trial (Part 1)

What are your rights to a jury trial at criminal law?


 2021-06-01  26m

episode 35: E-35: Right to Self-Representation (part 2)

Representing yourself at trial is a protected Michigan Constitutional right. But there are parameters by which a judge may restrict that right.


 2021-05-15  35m

episode 34: E-34: Right to Atty/Self-Rep (Part 1)

The right to an attorney and the right to represent yourself are protected by the Michigan Constitution.


 2021-05-01  34m

episode 33: E-33; Habeas Corpus Part 2

Habeas Corpus is the right to a speedy trial, bond and extradition.


 2021-04-15  28m

episode 32: E-32: Habeas Corpus Part 1

Habeas Corpus is the right to a speedy trial, bond and extradition.


 2021-04-01  24m

episode 31: E-31: Search & Seizure Part 5

We discuss exigent circumstances when police may or MAY NOT conduct a warrantless search and seizure


 2021-03-15  24m

Podcast 30: Search & Seizure (Part 4)

A Michigan Search & Seizure case goes from the Michigan Supreme Court to the United States Supreme Court!


 2021-03-01  30m

episode 29: E-29: Search & Seizure (Part 3)

Is it considered an unreasonable seizure of a person to stay with the police, while they execute a search warrant of your home? To what extent can we give credibility to an informant regarding the information they tell the police?


 2021-02-15  28m

episode 28: E-28: Search & Seizure Part 2

This time, we address search & seizure from the police officer's point of view.


 2021-02-01  26m