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Rod Liddle: UK Correspondent on the incident between a London Police officer and Gideon Falter

A tense standoff between a London police officer and an antisemitism campaigner has sparked outrage. 

Gideon Falter, CEO of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, was blocked by an officer from crossing a road near to a pro-Palestine march. 

Falter was wearing a yarmulke and according to the officer looked ‘openly Jewish’, and by crossing the road in that area was ‘provoking’ the protestors and risking his safety...



Jo McKenna: Italy Correspondent on the success of PM Giorgia Meloni and her allies in the regional election

Good news for the Italian Prime Minister. 

Giorgia Meloni and her allies have kept control of the southern region of Basilicata in the regional election, defeating their centre-left opponents by a wide margin. 

Italy Correspondent Jo McKenna told Mike Hosking that turnout was low, and that seems to have favoured the incumbent. 

She said that this is the second regional win for Meloni, and she’ll be drawing confidence going into the European elections...



Peter Gordon: Kiwi Chef on his involvement in the new TV3 show 'Food Rescue Kitchen'

A new TV3 show is aiming to highlight New Zealand’s food waste. 

Chefs are coming together in ‘Food Rescue Kitchen’ to challenge viewers’ perceptions of waste and what can be done with ingredients they otherwise might not consider. 

Peter Gordon, one of the country's most iconic chefs, is taking part and told Mike Hosking that he had a really good time on the show and enjoyed the challenge...



Mike’s Minute: Ideology is hijacking reality on climate

Surely we didn’t miss the irony on climate change? 

On the day it's announced we have reduced our emissions now for three years in a row, so good on us, the very next day Transpower, the people who get the electricity into your lounge, tell us yet again that this Winter has issues and peak load and demand might be problematic...



Deborah Powell: Resident Doctors' Association National Secretary on the recent pay offer rejection

Resident doctors are set to take to the streets, protesting a recent pay offer. 

The Resident Doctors' Association say while some workers were offered up to 25% pay-rises, others were offered pay cuts in negotiations. 

As a result, they'll strike for 25 hours on May 7.  

National Secretary Deborah Powell told Mike Hosking that Health New Zealand's offer was uneven and unfair. 

She said it's robbing Peter to pay Paul...



Full Show Podcast: 23 April 2024

On the Mike Hosking Breakfast Full Show Podcast for Tuesday 23rd April, the Government is bringing back the Three Strikes law. The public seems to be on the board, but lawyers and judges aren't. We got an expert’s thoughts. 

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon joined Mike in studio to talk his recent overseas trip, the Waitangi Tribunal stoush, and criticisms against his fast-track bill...



Holly Oppers: Talent ID Recruitment Branch Manager on the dropping number of job openings

Employers have more choice with competition for work heating up.  

Recruitment companies are warning of thousands joining the unemployment queue and more people signing up for jobseeker benefits. 

The latest SEEK data shows job ads falling by 0.4% in March.  

Talent ID Recruitment's Holly Oppers told Mike Hosking that there's been a change of tide...



John Munro: Criminal Defence Lawyer is hesitant to endorse the Three Strikes Law

A criminal defence lawyer is hesitant to endorse the incoming Three Strikes legislation. 

The Government is looking to re-establish the laws which will see mandatory prison sentences for violent and sexual criminals committing a third offence. 

It will only apply to sentences above 24 months and give judges more discretion. 

Lawyer John Munro told Mike Hosking that overall, the evidence is conflicting...



Christopher Luxon: Prime Minister defends $41 million commitment to clean energy in Asia while cutting costs in NZ

Christopher Luxon is defending spending millions on clean energy in Asia while cutting costs and Government jobs in New Zealand. 

The Government has committed $41 million towards an Asian Development Bank clean energy transition initiative. 

Luxon says the funding demonstrates New Zealand's commitment to help reduce global carbon emissions. 

He told Mike Hosking the money comes out of an existing budget, specifically set aside for overseas projects like these...



Mark Patterson: Associate Agricultural Minister on the reopening of the world's largest wool processing facility near Napier

Wool could be making a comeback. 

The world's largest wool processing facility has reopened near Napier following a $50 million rebuild and refurbishment project  

Associate Agriculture Minister, Mark Patterson, told Mike Hosking there's a big global trend going back to natural fibres. 

He says New Zealand could be at the forefront...