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David Ross: Kotahi CEO on the signing of a second decade shipping partnership with Maersk

New Zealand's largest supply chain collaboration has signed another deal with an international shipping giant. 

Kotahi has entered a second decade partnership with Maersk, which will allow for $160 billion worth of cargo to be exported on a reliable supply chain. 

Kotahi chief executive David Ross told Mike Hosking that it offers needed certainty to some of New Zealand's largest exporters...



Catherine Field: Europe Correspondent on the continued closure of the international airport in New Caledonia

New Zealanders stranded in New Caledonia may have to endure a few more days of riots and civil unrest. 

The main international airport in Nouméa remains closed with all commercial flights suspended. 

The French president has called another meeting with defence and security council to discuss what to do next.  

Europe correspondent Catherine Field told Mike Hosking that the government's made it clear the airport won't reopen before Thursday...



Judith Collins: Defence Minister on NZ tourists stuck in New Caledonia

There’s still no word on when Defence Force aircraft will be sent to retrieve tourists stuck in New Caledonia. 

Commercial flights remain cancelled due to the unrest in Noumea; 231 Kiwis are registered as being there. 

Defence Minister Judith Collins told Mike Hosking “The issue is that Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has to work with the French government.” 

Collins said “Stay in your own home, don’t go out unnecessarily and understand that help is coming...



Steve Price: Australia Correspondent on Melbourne CBD Protests

Six people have been arrested after pro-Israel and pro-Palestine demonstrators clashed in Melbourne's CBD on Sunday afternoon. 

After a week of Melbourne-wide protests – Police confirmed around 7,000 people were in attendance.  

This follows a pro-Palestinian demonstration that stormed a Labor Party conference on Saturday. 

Australia Correspondent Steve Price told Mike Hosking “The Premier and Deputy Premier had to be locked in a conference room...



Troy Churton: Orakei board member on McDonalds debate

McDonalds is expected to face more community opposition as it launches a second bid to build a restaurant in Auckland's Orakei.  

A previous application to build on Kepa Road was withdrawn,  after community concerns around traffic, anti-social behaviour and litter. 

Orakei board member Troy Churton told Mike Hosking “the community’s said they don’t want a proliferation of fast food businesses in Orakei...



Chlöe Swarbrick: Greens co-leader on Darleen Tana investigation legal costs

The Green Party is tight-lipped on the cost of an investigation into suspended MP Darleen Tana. 

The MP has been stood down since March 14, while an investigation takes place into her involvement into allegations of migrant exploitation at her husband's business. 

Green Party co-leader Chlöe Swarbrick told Mike Hosking “Every political party has funding that they can use at their discretion...



Mahe Drysalde: Olympian and mayoral candidate on his vision for Tauranga

The two-time Olympic gold medallist Mahe Drysdale is hoping to deliver a prosperous "post-commissioner" future for Tauranga. 

The Olympian has put his name in the ring for the election on July 20, with nominations closing on Friday. 

Mahe Drysdale told Mike Hosking “I’m pretty central – I just want what’s best for the country.” 

Drysdale said “I will form an opinion of what the community wants - I'm very focused on making Tauranga New Zealand's best small city...



Richard Arnold: US Correspondent on Iran President helicopter crash

Thick fog and limited daylight is hampering efforts to find Iran's president, Ebrahim Raisi and other officials.

The convoy of three helicopters was on its way back to Tehran, and one was forced to make a "hard landing" due to the bad weather and fog near the border with Azerbaijan.

US Correspondent Richard Arnold told Mike Hosking “They still haven't found the crash site...



Full Show Podcast: 20 May 2024

On the Mike Hosking Breakfast Full Show Podcast for Monday the 20th of May, we try and get some info as to how we will get the Kiwis home from New Caledonia from Defence Minister Judith Collins.   

Green Party co-leader Chloe Swarbrick gave her "State of the Climate" speech and answered questions about the Darleen Tana interview.   

What a win for the Warriors! Season saver! Guy Heveldt and Andrew Saville join Mike in the Commentary Box to talk that, the rugby and Sid Going...



Simon Bridges: China Business Summit co-chair on today's conference

Hopes that business can be kept separate from geopolitics arise at today's China Business Summit in Auckland. 

Key issues on the card include the Government's goal to double exports by value within 10 years, and the implications of expanding into other markets alongside China. 

China Business Summit co-chair Simon Bridges told Mike Hosking “In China, it’s very interesting times...