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For over a decade, Arvee Robinson has been educating business owners, service professionals, and entrepreneurs on how to become a persuasive public speaker. She will show you how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy to instantly grow your business. Arvee Robinson’s exclusive proven speaker system is the ultimate solution for people looking to develop, sharpen or advance their personalized message, and confidently deliver that message to the world.

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episode 60: Episode #60 - ”Turn your Expertise Into Income and Build a Business & Life you Love!” – Natalie Lavelock

My guest today is my dear friend Natalie Lavelock. Natalie is a Godsend to business owners who want to create an online program, lead magnet, and more. Her strategic approach will take your idea to the finish line and make of profitable. She is a woman o...



episode 59: Episode #59: How to Find Speaking Gigs and Monetize Them with Dannella Burnett

My guest today is my dear friend Dannella Burnett. Dannella is an event producer extraordinaire. I have been personally working with her for the past five years on my annual 3-day event called Million Dollar Speaker Summit. She has been both behind the s...



episode 58: Episode #58 - Speak UP and LEAD

Learn how important it is to speak up and lead. The world needs good, honest leaders today more than ever before. Leaders can make a wrong, right. Leaders can change the world. You can be the change you want to see in the world and get others to see it t...



episode 57: Episode #57: How to Create a Million Dollar Magnetic Message

Learn a simple formula to create your magnetic self-introduction that attracts high-paying clients. This episode is specifically designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, coaching and consultants who go to networking meetings and want to use public sp...



episode 56: Episode #56 - How to Scale Your Business Through E-learning Courses with Dr. Theresa Ashby

My guest today is Dr. Theresa Ashby. Dr. Theresa received her Doctorate in Organizational Psychology. During this interview she shared her 3 most important million-dollar speaker characteristics which are: 1) speak from the heart, 2) add value, and 3) sh...


 2021-09-22  26m

episode 55: Episode #55: Connect to Your Speaker Soul with Dr. Richard Kaye

My guest today is Dr. Richard Kaye. A retired celebrity Chiropractor turned entrepreneurial and master connector. During this interview, he shared his #1 million-dollar speaker characteristic which is: to be authentic and connect to your soul and you wil...


 2021-09-15  35m

episode 54: Episode #54 - 3 Top Million-Dollar Speaker Characteristics.with Ardena L. Brooks

My guest today is Ardena Brooks, a master photographic artist, friend, and student of the Million Dollar Speaker Mastermind. During this interview she shares her 3 top million-dollar speaker characteristics which are: 1) know your audience; 2) get traine...


 2021-09-08  23m

episode 53: Episode #53: How to Get on Other People’s Stages Without Being Obnoxious

Do you want to get on more stages? Do you want to get on other people’s stages? If yes, then learn these five ways to get invited on other people’s stage without begging or bothering. Also, learn the many benefits of speaking on more stages. You may want...


 2021-09-01  25m

episode 52: Episode #52: Speaker Success NON-Secrets! with Chuck Hooper

My guest today is Chuck Hooper, Dean of the Speakers Academy for the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association. Chuck has over 50 years of public speaking experience. Today he shared what he believes are the two most important char...


 2021-08-25  43m

episode 51: Episode #51: 3 Game Changing Strategies for Wild Success! with Carmen Wilde

My guest today is Carmen Wilde, a business success strategist who coaches her clients on how to become WILDE successful and she is the founder of the Game Changer Show! Carmen shares her passion for being an innovative leader of change. During this explo...


 2021-08-18  29m