The MindShift Podcast with Darrell Evans

What would happen if an expert in mindset, marketing, sales, and leadership with more than 30 years of entrepreneurship experience were willing to share the principles, playbooks, and processes he and his successful guests had learned with you? It would speed up your success. Welcome to The MindShift Podcast. Join host Darrell Evans and his amazing guests as they help you shift your mind so you can shift your results.

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151: How to Break Limiting Beliefs with Cognitive Behavior Therapy [transcript]

Is one of your biggest struggles combating your thoughts about yourself? Maybe you are drowning in self-development content, but you still don't understand why you feel the way you do about yourself. If you are ready to learn from someone who was once in the thick of it, just like you, you're in luck!

Bianca's passion and purpose are in the work that she is doing with Evolve Ventures (her company/podcast) and the work she does with her clients...



150: Make More Sales Using This Process.

A few years ago, I had an emergency and needed help.

I did what most people do and searched online for a service provider to help me out of my jam.

What happened during the sales process was something I'll never forget (in a good way).

I shared it with my students at our 2-day event and am sharing it with you here today:

Let me know what you think of today's show on IG:



149: Exploring Operational Excellence [transcript]

Are your life and business chaotic? Maybe your business is out of hand because you haven't aligned it with your life. If you are torn between a job and your wellness, this episode is for you!

Gwendolyn Young is the founder and CEO of Your Virtual Admin Expert, a results-driven agency of professional administrative problem solvers. She and her team help you replace overwhelm with operational excellence and ease...



148: 3 POWERFUL Ways To Get Website Visitors That Convert To Leads and Sales

Have you ever felt like your brand was invisible online? Do you offer a great product or service but are not getting the number of leads you want to grow your business?

Today, I'm taking you behind the scenes inside a segment of our Get More Customers Academy workshop.

In this segment, you'll hear 3 powerful ways to get website visitors that convert to leads and sales.

If you enjoy today's episode and want more training like this, head over to www...



147: Take Control of Your Health (Willpower and Motivation not required) [transcript]

Have you been told your body isn't capable of certain things? Maybe you didn't grow up as an athlete, so you tell yourself you can't work or be athletic in adulthood. If you feel there is no hope for you to take control of your health, you're in luck!

Tracy Hill gives women, in particular, clarity on WHY their health matters...




145: Transform Frustration into Freedom [transcript]

Have you hit a glass ceiling in your business? Maybe you have felt like you have run out of all your resources and your business can't do it anymore. If you feel like you have started a business you are beginning to resent, you're in luck with this episode!

Pete helps entrepreneurs transform their frustrations into freedoms by using a variety of frameworks that help them cut through the chaos and overwhelm of running a business...




143: Trailblazing DEI in Technology with Microsoft’s William A. Adams [transcript]

Are you an Intrapreneur? Maybe you enjoy walking that fine line where you're on the edge, but people have confidence in you to keep handing you responsibility. Do you ever wonder how you can use that drive to empower and create change around you? You're in luck!

As the Technical Advisor to the CTO at Microsoft, William A. Adams has an exciting job. Instead of working full-time on technical initiatives, he works primarily on people's problems...