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The Model Health Show is a fun, entertaining, and enlightening look at health and fitness. No subject is off limits here! World-renown author and nutritionist Shawn Stevenson breaks down complex health issues and makes them easy to understand and overcome. Whether it's weight loss, chronic fatigue, heart disease, diet, exercise, sex, hormones, sleep problems, or countless other health topics, the insights you get here will help you transform your health and live your best life ever.

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episode 445: What Is Stress And Fear Doing To Our Immune Systems? With Dr. Bruce Lipton

At this time in human history, we’re more stressed than ever. We know that chronic stress leads to a myriad of health problems, including a lowered immune system and increased susceptibility to infections. So how do we break out of this negative...



episode 444: How To Navigate Negative Emotions & Thrive Through Adversity - With Dr. Susan David

Navigating the challenges our world is facing right now can be incredibly emotional. Emotions like fear, overwhelm, anxiety, and uncertainty have become daily occurrences for some folks. How we interpret and deal with those emotions impacts how we...



episode 443: How Your Psychology Controls Your Biology & Transforming Education - With Guest Katie Wells

“Happiness is a quality of the soul, not a function of one’s material circumstances.” -Aristotle  How do you respond when you face a challenge in life? Whether you’re facing some truly dark days or simply dealing with first world...



episode 442: The Secret History Of The Calorie

No matter your diet or relationship with food, chances are that you think about calories, at least occasionally. From restaurant menus to fitness trackers, we’re constantly being reminded of the significance of the almighty calorie. But have you...



episode 441: Our Growing Susceptibility To Viruses & The Stress-Immune System Link - With Guest Dr. Austin Perlmutter

It’s a simple truth: We are all, collectively, experiencing a challenging time right now. But instead of sitting in the negativity the news and social media feeds us, what can we do to convert concern into action? My guest on this episode, New York...



episode 440: Our Misguided Battle Against Microbes & The Gut-Immune System Connection - With Guest Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

Seventy million Americans are suffering from digestive issues right now. Can you believe that? What’s more mind-blowing is that most of those folks could start to feel a lot better by simply changing the way they eat. In this episode, Dr. Will...


 2020-11-02  1h30m

episode 439: 7 Scary Good Messages To Remind You How Powerful You Are

With the uncertainty we've all been facing lately, 2020 can feel downright scary. But that doesn’t mean you have to live in fear. Because no matter what’s going on in the world, we all still have the potential for growth, happiness, success, and...


 2020-10-28  1h19m

episode 438: The Stress-Movement Connection & Finding Alignment Today - With Guest Aaron Alexander

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably spent more time than you would like to admit on your couch, in front of a screen, or both since the pandemic started. We’ve all been there, so it’s no surprise that a recent study published by BMC...


 2020-10-26  1h21m

episode 437: Buying Science, Healthwashing Labels, & Sparking Real Change - With Guest Vani Hari

If you knew an ingredient in your food could make you sick, would you still eat it? Probably not. Yet from orange juice to peanut butter cups, the synthetic ingredients lurking in everyday pantry staples could be doing you more harm than good. And...


 2020-10-21  1h20m

episode 436: The Pandemic Behind The Pandemic

Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Today, I want to apply that sentiment to the pandemic that our society is facing. As we seek solutions to a public health...


 2020-10-14  1h8m