The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

The Modern Bar Cart Podcast is a weekly discussion of the tools and techniques that make great drinks. Hosted by Modern Bar Cart CEO Eric Kozlik, this cocktail podcast gives great information for home bartenders and industry professionals alike. If you’re looking to take your cocktail game to the next level, this is the podcast for you.

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"Mocktail" is not a Dirty Word

­ When it was first brought to our attention that the word “mocktail” might be somehow bad or offensive, we was taken completely off-balance because, to us, it had always been a useful way to identify – on a cocktail menu – that a certain...



episode 102: Not Tequila

Interview with RB Wolfensberger



episode 101: Pechuga-palooza

In this flavorful conversation with Max Lentz and Eli Breitburg-Smith of the Baltimore Spirits Company, some of the things we discuss include: Why brewers make great distillers, and how a dialed in focus on fermentation can enhance the quality of a...



episode 100: State of the Cocktail Union

In this 100th episode, Modern Bar Cart co-founder Ethan Hall takes the reins as host and grills Eric on emerging spirits & cocktail trends, podcasting wisdom, and a few new and exciting lightning round questions. Celebrate 100 episodes with us!



episode 99: Bursting Bubbles

In this episode, we take a deep dive into all things carbonated and watery. Some of the things we discuss include: The difference between seltzer, club soda, and sparkling water A little exploration of how CO2 influences our world How carbonation...


 2019-05-16  29m

episode 98: Don't Sleep on Kings

In this episode, we hang out with bartender Zac Hoffman and focus in on cocktail competitions and the craft bartender experience. What does it take to become a real bartender, how do you deploy those skills to build a career, and what’s it like...


 2019-05-09  1h12m

episode 97: Solera Aged Rum

This time around, we chat with Andy Keller, head distiller for Blackwater Distilling, Maryland’s oldest currently operating craft distillery. We examine one of the really unique and ambitious projects they began just a couple years ago: aging some...


 2019-05-02  1h23m

episode 96: Battlefield to Glass Spirits

In this episode, we interview distiller Yianni Barakos of Mason Dixon Distillery in Gettysburg, PA. We taste through a selection of his spirits and chat about what it means to take a local approach to distilling and hospitality.


 2019-04-25  1h28m

episode 95: CBD Cocktails

Interview with Tyler Lloyd of LOU CBD


 2019-04-18  1h15m

episode 94: Tour of Islay (Part II)

In this continuation of our liquid tour of Islay Scotch with Adam Safir, we nose and sample more beautiful whisky expressions from Islay and tackle some lightning round questions.


 2019-04-11  1h14m