The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

The Modern Bar Cart Podcast is a weekly discussion of the tools and techniques that make great drinks. Hosted by Modern Bar Cart CEO Eric Kozlik, this cocktail podcast gives great information for home bartenders and industry professionals alike. If you’re looking to take your cocktail game to the next level, this is the podcast for you.

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episode 121: Absinthe-Minded

We chat with Tenth Ward head distiller and absinthe aficionado, Mark Vierthaler about his journey through the distilling world and how he came to love absinthe, a misunderstood and beautiful spirit.


 2019-10-24  1h35m

episode 120: Neuromixology

We interview Kevin Peterson of Castalia Cocktails about the role of olfaction in cocktails and how he pairs scents with mixed drinks at his bar and scent shop in Detroit.


 2019-10-18  1h0m

episode 119: Mind Your Wash Line

In this Bar Cart Foundations episode, we talk all about the concept of wash lines in cocktails and how to achieve a wash line that emphasizes the quality and intentionality of a drink.


 2019-10-10  20m

episode 118: Heritage Cocktails Double Feature

To celebrate the launch of our brand new Embitterment Heritage Collection variety packs, we're airing a remastered double feature of two episodes - Japanese Cocktails & Frontier Cocktails.


 2019-10-03  1h14m

episode 117: Fancy Rum & Cokes

We catch up with Dan Marlowe, who’s a really talented bartender currently heading up the brand new tavern program at BlueDyer Distilling Co. During our discussion we cover everything from port barrel aged whiskeys to the merits of fancy rum and cokes.


 2019-09-26  1h29m

episode 116: Maximo Mezcal

We interview John Ravis of Maximo Mezcal and learn about how this innovative brand was created and what they're doing to advance agave spirits for the American palate.


 2019-09-19  59m

episode 115: Plato & Aristotle Walk into a Bar

We do a close reading of David Wondrich's extremely influential new article, "Plato & Aristotle Walk into a Bar - A Meditation on the Daiquiri."


 2019-09-12  35m

episode 114: Maritime Cocktails

We talk about the confluence of cocktails, boats, and the high seas. In addition to the history of cocktails, boats, and culture, we also cover a number of helpful tips to help you make better drinks next time you go out for a cocktail cruise.


 2019-09-05  17m

episode 113: Spirits, Sugar, Water, Bitters

Interview with Derek Brown and Bob Yule


 2019-08-29  44m

episode 112: The Truth about Syrups

We interview Tory Pratt, founder of Pratt Standard Cocktail Co. and creator of some incredible authentic syrups created using traditional methods and ingredients.


 2019-08-22  50m