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episode 9: An Abortion

Pippa spent eight months struggling to conceive her second child. Then, on the brink of beginning IVF, she discovered she was pregnant.

But, at ten weeks, she discovered there was a more than 99% chance that her foetus had Down's Syndrome. She and her husband Joe had already decided that, in this situation, they would have an abortion...



episode 8: The Knock On The Door

Teaching English in Beijing seemed like a great opportunity for Welsh graduate Glen Williams, who’d previously spent time studying in China. He could brush up on his Mandarin, work with children, and earn up to £3k per month tax free.The hitch? The ...


 2021-08-10  1h4m

episode 7: Why Do I Collapse When I Laugh?

Living with narcolepsy - a rare condition that can cause you to fall asleep wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing - required Antonia Gentile to surrender her driving license, and step back from performing, cooking and even reading.As she explai...


 2021-07-10  1h1m

episode 6: How To Be A Dad, Part 7

Bedtime stories, ‘social stalking’ and sugar-rationing are on the menu as Olly reunites with comedy podcasters Tom Price and Stuart Goldsmith to compare notes on fatherhood.Their sons are now five years old, and in this episode our Dads ruminate on ...


 2021-06-10  1h8m

episode 5: Please Don't Eat Me, Mr Crocodile

When Rosie Mitchell went canoeing on a dam in Zimbabwe’s Matobo National Park, she thought she’d soak up the views, and soon be back on shore to toast the New Year.Instead, she endured a terrifying close encounter with a 3m-long crocodile, who chomp...


 2021-05-10  1h9m

episode 4: The Truth About Fur

As chief executive of the British Fur Trade Association, Mike Moser was the face of the UK’s fur industry. He met with politicians in China and Russia, and advocated his ‘luxury product’ in the House of Lords and at an EFRA Select Committee.Then, af...


 2021-04-10  1h13m

episode 3: Mr & Mrs & Mrs

It began as a threesome, arranged through dating app Feeld - but soon Maggie and Cody realised their connection to Janie was more than sexual. No longer just an adventurous couple in an open relationship, they had become a ‘thruple’ - whose r...


 2021-03-10  1h15m

episode 2: My Dad, The Stranger

Olivia hardly knew her father. Her parents divorced when she was two, and she was brought up by her Mum.Sent to boarding school at the age of eight, she was estranged from her Dad for a decade.Struggling financially, and weakened by bulimia, she go...


 2021-02-10  1h19m

episode 1: Trouble in Paradise

Sun, sea and €1 drinks lure thousands of backpackers to Andrew’s hostel in a typical year. But 2020 was not a typical year.Confronting a doomed Summer season and 45 empty bedrooms, Andrew’s family turned their accommodation over to a diverse group of r...


 2021-01-10  1h17m

episode 12: Christmas Spectacular 2020!

Ho ho ho! In this bumper Christmas special, our three households unite (at an appropriate social distance, of course) for a festive mix of songs, reminiscences and parlour games - and, of course, the legendary XXXmas Foxhole Christmas Quiz.In the Ze...


 2020-12-10  1h2m