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episode 7: In My Defence

Can martial arts save your life? Self defence instructor Kriss Pyke says they can - not just because the moves themselves offer protection in a skirmish, but because the physical confidence you gain deters opponents in the first place.Kriss’ views and ...



episode 6: Surgery On The Front Line

Adrenalin, stress and composure is in the job description for a trauma surgeon. But how do doctors cope with routinely operating on patients with devastating injuries? Does it ever get easy to deliver difficult news?In this intimate conversation, Olly ...


 2019-10-01  1h9m

episode 5: Porn Messed Up My Brain

Sebastian Schub was 19 when he first experienced erectile dysfunction. But he wasn’t a big drinker. There was no clear medical cause, such as heart disease. However - like most men his age - he was an avid user of porn tube sites.Googling his symptoms,...


 2019-09-01  1h0m

episode 4: Let's Build A Brewery

With zero experience of beer-making, Tommy Barnes quit his safe, corporate London job to start his own beer business. As if that weren’t precarious enough, he located it in the Loire Valley - the heart of French ‘wine country’.  In this ente...


 2019-08-01  1h8m

episode 3: Credit The Con

Private Investigator Bob Nygaard specialises in bringing psychics to justice. Fortune-tellers, who offer palm-reading for as little as ten dollars, are a common sight in New York City. But when they swindle their clients out of six-figure sums, it’s ex...


 2019-07-01  1h14m

episode 2: Air Born

Jen Bricker was abandoned at birth by her biological parents. Due to a genetic defect, she had been born without legs. Her adoptive family showered her with love and self-belief. Inspired by her idol, Olympic gold-medalist Dominique Moceanu, she purs...


 2019-06-01  1h12m

episode 1: 'Pupil A'

Trigger warnings: see end of show notes Ben used to be a secondary school teacher. He isn’t anymore. In a brutally honest feature interview, he tells Olly his compelling story. Meanwhile, in this month's Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart takes Olly - and...


 2019-05-01  1h13m

episode 10: How To Be A Dad, Part 5 (Season 9, Ep 10)

Tom Price and Stuart Goldsmith join Olly Mann once again to discuss the dilemmas faced by the modern Dad. How can you control a toddler who has no concept of time? Why aren’t Dads as good as Mums at making friends? When does your role as educator imp...


 2019-01-08  1h2m

episode 9: 2018 Christmas Special! (Season 9, Ep 9)

It’s Christmasssss!... well, nearly: so time is running out for our charity single, ‘The Sounds of Christmas’, to crack the UK festive Top 40. In this week’s Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart reveals the surprise celebrity friends who’ve added their weight to t...


 2018-12-18  53m

The Sounds Of Christmas - buy it now!

A not-unfunny bonus conversation about our single, The Sounds of Christmas, now available to buy here:


 2018-12-14  3m