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Welcome to The Mom Voice! We’re Lauren & Sarah, long time besties & at-home mamas! We started the show to make you laugh and remind you that you’re not alone on this motherhood journey. We’ve got 7 kids between us, including a set of twins and have seen a little bit of it ALL! We know that being mom is hard, fun and just straight up exhausting! Hear us cover all the things: parenting, relationships, work/life balance, TV, beauty, health/wellness and so much more! It’s a free for all and a crazy fun ride! New releases each Monday! xo

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episode 128: HOT TAKES: Sarah’s IKEA Trip, Life Updates & Lauren’s Passport Drama

Aug. 2nd, 2021 –  This week, the ladies sit down for a hot takes episode sounding off on a handful of things.  They kick off with a funny conversation about Sarah visiting IKEA recently and then they share what they’ve been up to this summer and school plans. Sarah shares an update on her puppy dachshund and they finish up with their hits and misses of the week.  Including Lauren’s major passport drama and a shocking experience Sarah saw on a recent Southwest Airlines flight...


 2021-08-02  48m

episode 127: Raw Thoughts on Instagram & Vacationing Without the Kids

Jul. 19th, 2021 –  This week, the ladies kickoff the show breaking down Instagram. You may have noticed they haven’t been as present there this summer and wanted to clear the air with their perspective & intention with social media. They share some raw feels on the gram and how they want to feel true to the podcast and their time as busy moms. They then dive into a talk about prioritizing vacation without the kids...


 2021-07-19  43m

ICYMI: Finding Body Confidence with Sarah Tripp

In this ICYMI episode, the girls sit down with Sarah Tripp, also known as Sassy Red Lipstick during their 2020 MAMA & MORE series.  She’s a self-proclaimed curvy girl who’s all about spreading body confidence to us mama’s and women!  The girls welcome her in studio and talk about so many great things – first about her journey as an OG blogger and then Instagram influencer. She has an eye for fashion and Sarah shares how that’s really where it all started...


 2021-07-12  49m

episode 126: PMS (Pretty Much Stinks!)

Jul. 5th, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies sit down together after a brief hiatus and have a big chat about PMS! Though touched on here and there they’ve never had a complete episode about PMS (shocker, right?!) As women, they vent on all the many challenges and annoyances of our cycle! And what a big bother PMS can be. They also laugh at how their husbands prep and guard themselves when it’s that time of the month...


 2021-07-05  44m

ICYMI: Parenting Goals for Each Enneagram Type

In this ICYMI episode, the ladies sit down together after taking the Enneagram personality test! They’ve heard everyone talking about this lately and wanted to check it out. Oddly enough, they both shared the same score after completing the test.  This surprised them at first but then discover that it may be the underlining connection that makes them such great friends! They discuss each of the Enneagram types (1-9) – what they are and the characteristics of each...


 2021-06-28  57m

episode 125: Breaking Down Babywise (More Than Just Sleep!) with Valerie Plowman

Jun. 14th, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies sat down with THE BABYWISE MOM (aka Valerie Plowman from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom or!! If you’ve been here long enough, then you know that this woman saved Sarah’s sleep issues more than once. She’s referred to her many times over our podcast! They break down the basic outline of Babywise and how it can grow with your family. And how it’s much more than just a ‘sleep program’ for the early years...


 2021-06-21  52m

episode 124: Supernatural Happenings (UFO’s, Ghosts, Reincarnation & More!)

Jun. 14th, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies have one of their most intriguing chats to date; talking about all things supernatural!  The conversation kicks off when Lauren mentions a recent 60 Minutes episode that she saw where they featured a story on UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). This prompted the ladies to take a deep dive into UFO sightings and share the eeriest stories they’ve heard to date...


 2021-06-14  54m

episode 123: Surviving vs. Thriving (Making it a Fun, Successful Summer)

Jun. 7th, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies are all talking about SURVIVING vs. THRIVING, in life, parenting & especially summer break! They dive into a few funny convos off the cuff that involve 911 dispatchers and game show TV (you know how that goes!) The ladies then share a few tips on how to make this summer a thriving success for your family. So you’re not just in survival mode each day. They offer ideas on how to manage expectations of summer and really make it memorable...


 2021-06-07  49m

ICYMI: Skincare Secrets Every Mom Should Know

In this ICYMI episode, the girls sit down with a professional esthetician to discuss some of the best skincare practices and how to treat things from aging to teenage acne. Kendra Harris is owner of the Arizona-based Wildflower Beauty Bars and is sharing some of the insights that only the professionals know...


 2021-05-31  48m

episode 122: Let’s Empower Each Other! (& Perspectives on Social Media)

May 24th, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies welcome back friend of the show, Elise Hunter and have a great conversation on the power of empowering one another as women.  Elise shares how she grew up feeling confident to try new things with the support of her parents and how her husband really encouraged her to branch into the DIY projects she was so passionate about (spoiler alert: she’s now an IG DIY-er who is just blowing up!)...


 2021-05-24  53m