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Welcome to The Mom Voice! We’re Lauren & Sarah, long time besties & at-home mamas! We started the show to make you laugh and remind you that you’re not alone on this motherhood journey. We’ve got 7 kids between us, including a set of twins and have seen a little bit of it ALL! We know that being mom is hard, fun and just straight up exhausting! Hear us cover all the things: parenting, relationships, work/life balance, TV, beauty, health/wellness and so much more! It’s a free for all and a crazy fun ride! New releases each Monday! xo

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episode 107: Helping Our Kids Return to "Normal" (Anxieties, Trauma & Scaffold Parenting)

Mar. 8th, 2021 –  In this episode, the girls kick off the episode sharing the random things that make them tear up! Lauren shares the Disney scene that makes her cry every single time & Sarah mentions a show. They then dive into the topic of kids adjusting back to life post-pandemic. In this newest transition phase, they discuss how kids process traumatic events differently...


 2021-03-08  49m

episode 108: The Meghan & Harry Interview & 5 Super Easy Weeknight Dinners!

Mar. 11th, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies sit down for another mini episode! And of course they had to break down the Meghan & Oprah interview that aired this week. The Mom Voice has been lifelong fans of the royals and in this episode you’ll hear them dissect what they think could be really going on behind the scenes. Maybe sharing some unpopular opinions of a Cinderella story gone wrong. What do you think!? They finish up with 5 quick & easy weeknight dinner ideas...


 2021-03-11  32m

episode 109: When the Unthinkable Happens (Grief, Love & Finding Joy) ft. Ashlee Jensen

Mar. 15th, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies sits down with the lovely Ashlee Jensen as she shares her journey of loss and love. Ashlee tells the story of when her late husband, Paul Swenson, went missing in Utah. She opens up and shares the emotions she was feeling in the midst of the police search & total nightmare she endured...


 2021-03-15  55m

episode 110: Finding Sitters & Childcare for Your Family (Ideas, Expectations, Pay & More!)

Mar. 22nd, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies sits have an in-depth conversation about childcare! They break down a lot of details & approaches to the subject – from their weekend date nights to needing more fulltime care! First off, they want to encourage listeners to prioritize this topic in order for you to have an occasional date night or just a break when you need it!! And they talk about how to to go about doing that...


 2021-03-22  1h1m

episode 111: Our Airline Mask Rant & How-To Fix Your Slow Internet Speeds

Mar. 26th, 2021 – In this episode, the ladies are back for a mid-week bonus episode. Sarah kicks things off with a major miss they had with their dachshund Kitt last weekend; then Lauren opens up about an issue she’s become aware of with the airlines lately. She shares how her niece is autistic and how mask-wearing just isn’t an option for her. The discussion then leads to how her sister’s family has been unable to fly because of strict mask rules enforced by airlines...


 2021-03-26  31m

episode 112: How To Reduce Toxins & Create a Healthier Home with Karalynne Call

Mar. 29th, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies bring you a HUGELY helpful episode for you & your family as they sit down with Karalynne Call from @just.ingredients. She shares a wealth of knowledge on how to help you live a more wholesome & clean lifestyle. Karalynne opens up about how her battle with mental health opened up this new world to her – and how it truly changed her life...


 2021-03-29  55m

episode 113: Cheeky Swimwear Around the Kids?! & Sarah's Gut Results

Apr. 1st, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies are back with a mini, mid-week episode! They kick off the convo by asking the question: “do you buy a new swimsuit every year”? That then leads into a chat about whether or not they wear revealing swimwear around their kids...


 2021-04-01  32m

episode 114: You Know You’re a Mom When…. (& Listener Q&A!)

Apr. 5th, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies bring you a lighthearted listen as they have fun with the trend going around social media – “you know you’re a mom when…”.  They share some of their top mom-tell signs and have a lot of laughs along the way...


 2021-04-05  58m

episode 115: Tips & Tricks to Refine Your Beauty Routine with Kayti Oldham

Apr. 12th, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies share a lovely sit down with Kayti Oldham of The Beyouty Bureau. They chat all things makeup and how important it is to find a skincare and makeup routine that embraces your individual beauty. They open up with Kayti sharing what got her into the beauty industry and why she has so much fun playing with different looks (spoiler: it didn’t come until after she was a mother!)...


 2021-04-12  1h0m

episode 116: Lauren Did What? & Showing Kindness

Apr. 15th, 2021 –  In this episode, the girls fly in with another mini episode, that’s all over the board! They kick off with Lauren’s wild night out where she ended up getting a second hole in her ears. Even though she’d been thinking on it, she still can’t believe she went for it...


 2021-04-15  34m