The Moncast

A podcast that covers Digimon AND Pokemon, side by side, an episode at a time. Because that's the best idea ever, right?

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episode 7: Episode 3.07 - Top Ten Anime Tree Deaths

Stevie and Quinn settle in to discuss Treecko and his attachment to a clearly dead tree, before moving onto Takato-mom and his attachment to a clearly disappearing dinosaur. The outtro music is 'Misty Trees' from the Digimon World OST. Thank you to all o...



episode 6: Episode 3.06 - Momentai Means Git Gud

Stevie, Quinn and May excel in discussing Pokemon without derailing the conversation this week, only to then fail completely when Digiscussion comes around. You're gonna wanna listen to the outtakes in this one for a very special "tiddies supercut." The ...



episode 71: Episode 3.05 - May is Thirsty

Stevie, Quinn and May gather round to (allegedly) discuss Pokemon and Digimon. Due to constant tangents, they don't get very far. It is revealed that May is very thirsty when it comes a certain celebrity. Listen to find out who it is! The outtro music is...


 2020-08-24  44m

episode 4: Episode 3.04 - Return of the Brock

Stevie, Quinn, and May (in spirit) discuss the return of Brock to Pokemon, a mere four episodes after his departure. Meanwhile, Henry has a crisis and just can't stop having flashbacks in Digimon! The outtro music is 'The Gorillas' from the Tarzan OST. T...


 2020-08-17  29m

episode 241: Episode 3.03 - Potato Takato

In this week's episode, we share our opinions of Max, Stevie gets distracted and misses most of Digimon, and most of the podcast involves desperate attempts to get back on topic. The outtro music is 'The Matrix: Clubbed to Death (Main Title Theme).' Than...


 2020-08-10  44m

episode 240: Episode 3.02 - Good Doggo

As it turns out, May has already forgotten her whole "I don't care about Pokemon thing." The character, not the co host, that is. Meanwhile, Digimon is filled with good doggo and sassy doggo. The outtro music is 'Protocol Ruins' from the Digimon World 3 ...


 2020-08-03  35m

episode 239: Episode 3.01 - Homeostasis is my Homeroom Teacher

Let's get this season on the road! We're back with a brand new season, and this time, there's not just two of us. Stevie, Quinn and new cohost May will be taking on Digimon Tamers and Pokemon Advanced, one episode at a time, until they're done. There are...


 2020-07-27  38m

episode 70: Outtakes - Episodes 2.41 - Season 2 End

We have a lot of outtakes lying round that don't always get put at the end of the episodes, so we figured it would be fun to put them together in a compilation of us messing up and having fun. Enjoy! Outtakes Taken From:- Episode 2.41 - Who's Your Pokemo...


 2020-07-22  12m

episode 240: Goin' Hoenn Special

Stevie and Quinn sit down to speed-read over 100 episodes of Pokemon Johto League Champions and Pokemon Master Quest. Why? Who really knows? It's a fun listen all the same. The outtro music is 'Believe in Me' from Pokemon Master Quest. Thank you to all o...


 2020-07-21  50m

episode 239: The End of JohtO2 Special

In this special, I sit down with Quinn to reflect on all of Pokemon Johto Journeys, all of Digimon Adventure 02, and a little bit of Johto League Champions. We pick our favourites, air our grievances, and Stevie's Special Spreadsheet Segment makes a retu...


 2020-06-29  42m