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The Naked Scientists flagship science show, includes the latest science news, interviews with top scientists, hands-on science experiments and answers to your science questions.

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Invasive Species, Conservation and the Last Giant Tortoise

Conservation and saving species go under the spotlight this week as Henry Nicholls draws attention ot the plight of Lonesome George, the last giant tortoise of his kind, David Aldridge discusses the problem of invasive species and how he is purging f...


 2006-03-21  1h7m

Body Clocks, Circadian Rhythms and Time

Time is very much the essence of this weeks show, as Russell Foster discusses the human body clock, where the body clock is and how it gives our bodies a daily rhythm, Karl-Arne Stokkan describes how reindeer body clocks adapt to twenty four ho...


 2006-03-14  1h6m

Recycling, Water Use and Problem Plastic

The recycling revolution and the whereabouts of our waste are hot topics this week as David Butler describes a new technique for recycling water, Rebecca Weymouth lifts the lid on what happens to our domestic waste, Peter Barham reveals why plastic i...


 2006-03-08  1h8m

The Science of Nanotechnology

Picking apart some miniature morsels of science this week are David Carey, who provides the big picture on the world of nanotechnology, Donald Fitzmaurice describes how DNA may be used as scaffolding for the next generation of computer chips, we brea...


 2006-02-28  1h8m

Chinese Medicine and the Healing Power of Plants

Unlocking Natures medicine chest are doctors orders this week as Monique Simmonds reveals the research behind old herbal remedies, Tai-Ping Fan describes how Chinese medicine is being used for illnesses from gout to endometriosis, Jack Cu...


 2006-02-21  1h8m

Science of Seduction, Pheromones and the Food of Love

Love, seduction and sexual attraction are in the air this week as Peter Brennan woos Chris and Kat with a discussion of pheromones and the science of smell, Charles Wysocki suggests how farmers can love thy neighbour by masking the stench of manure, ...


 2006-02-14  1h7m

Your Questions, Infectious Cancer and Louisiana Wetlands

This week we hand the show over to you, as Chris, Kat and Phil answer all your burning questions on science, technology and medicine. Anne-Maree Pearse joins us to describe the hellish plight of the Tasmanian Devil as it succumbs to an infectious fac...


 2006-02-07  1h8m

Meteorites, Satellites and Avoiding Asteroids

This week we look to the solar system as Ian Sanders discusses where meteorites come from and how we can find them, astronaut Dr Stan Love describes how to avoid Armageddon asteroids, Maggie Aderin talks about satellites that monitor wind speeds, Ric...


 2006-01-31  1h7m

Geology of Natural Disasters, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

This week we shake up the world of science as Janet Sumner describes the dynamics of volcanic eruptions and the strutcure of the Earth, Tamsin Mather talks about how the gases from volcanoes affect our atmosphere and environment, Tiziana Rossetto dis...


 2006-01-24  1h8m

Plant Science, Composting and Mosquito Repellents

This week we go green as Alison Smith discusses how algae get their vitamin B12, Tim Upson reveals the science behind composting, Heather Gorringe and Richard Fishbourne dish the dirt on what worms get up to in your compost heap, and John Pickett tal...


 2006-01-17  1h7m