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The Naked Scientists flagship science show, includes the latest science news, interviews with top scientists, hands-on science experiments and answers to your science questions.

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Animal Communication, Sexual Signalling and Emotions

This week we learn about animal communication straight from the horses mouth. Dr Gillian Forrester, from the University of Sussex, describes how gorillas use tactile signals to communicate, Dr Katie Slocombe, from the University of St. Andrews,...


 2005-12-13  1h8m

Forensics, DNA Fingerprinting and Human Origins

This week we take a foray into forensics, as DI Alan Cook talks about how DNA is used to solve crime, Alec Jeffreys helps us brush up on how DNA fingerprinting works, Tamsin OConnell describes how DNA can help track down human origins, and in K...


 2005-12-06  1h7m

Stars, Cosmology and the Beginning of the Universe

This week we dive into deep time as cosmologist Mike Hobson explains how we measure the universe, the distance of the nearest galaxy, how scientists calculate the life span of the sun, and the definition of a light year, Chris Voigt describes how he ...


 2005-11-29  1h9m

Naked Scientists - 05.11.20 - Genetics, DNA Extraction and the Human Genome Project

This week we unravel the secrets of DNA as Darren Grafham discusses the importance of sequencing genomes and how the Human Genome Project has improved medicine, Mike Majerus reveals why we look different from worms despite sharing genetic information...


 2005-11-23  1h5m

Parasites, Hookworms and Allergies

This week Prof. David Pritchard gets to the bottom of why parasites may help to get rid of allergies, Elizabeth Bernays describes how caterpillars acquire a taste for plants containing toxic chemicals when they have parasites, Chris Smith visits West...


 2005-11-15  1h8m

Fireworks, Explosions and Chemistry

In this explosions extravaganza, John Emsley and Jacqueline Akhavan describe the chemistry behind the bangs on bonfire night, George Pendle talks about Jack Parsons and the history of rocketry, Mark Schrope comes back down to earth to describe his ex...


 2005-11-10  1h0m

UFOs, Mars and Space Science

This week we delve into the unexplained as Nick Pope discusses Britains biggest UFO case, the Rendlesham Forest Incident, Anna Lacey visits Rendlesham Forest to talk to Vince Thurkettle and Brenda Butler about their involvement in the Rendlesha...


 2005-11-01  57m

Social Insects, Biting Bugs and a Potted History of Honey

This week we get bitten by the bug as Ian Burgess talks about the nasties that nibble us in the night, William Foster discusses social insects and how individuals in colonies communicate, Bee Wilson describes the useful properties of honey, and Megan...


 2005-10-25  57m

Avian Flu, How Flu Spreads, Anti-Flu Drugs, and how to avoid Influenza

As the flu season and the threat of avian flu comes closer, Professor John Oxford from the Royal London Hospital discusses what the flu is, where flu comes from and whether drugs and vaccines can prevent human and avian influenza. Professor Pat Troop...


 2005-10-18  1h0m

Stem Cells, Brain Repair and Tricks of Light

Stretching our grey matter this week is developmental biologist Dr Adrian Pini, who describes how our brain grows, how our brain works, and how it can become damaged, and Dr Huseyin Mehmet, who discusses the potential application of stem cells in rep...


 2005-10-13  58m