The Naturist Living Show

A podcast about naturism for naturists (nudism and nudists to some people) While we obviously cover issues related to nudity, naturism is about much more than being naked so we cover topics related to self-esteem, body-image, body-acceptance, and living in a more natural way. The podcast is produced by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada.

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episode 135: Cap d’Agde – Naked City

Is Cap d'Agde the mythical destination for naturism or the metropolis of lasciviousness? In this episode you hear real people's experiences.


 2021-10-14  1h23m

episode 134: The Naturist Symbol

In 2020 a collaborative project was launched to create universal naturist symbol. After several rounds of voting a design was selected.


 2021-09-01  46m

episode 133: Naked Age – San Francisco Naked Guy

We meet the irrepressible Andy Tabbat, an inveterate joy bringer whose lifelong observance of nudism has been public and unashamed.


 2021-07-15  59m

episode 132: Naturist-Nudist Podcasts

In this episode we feature other naturist/nudist podcasts. None of the shows featured are in any way related to us. We are not endorsing any of them or their content. We have put together this episode in order to keep you informed and to support other ...


 2021-06-19  58m

episode 131: Naked Age – Lora of Lupin

Introducing Naked Age, a historical audio series exploring uncommon stories and profiling unique people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to live a nude life. In this episode we meet the extraordinary Lora Boswell,


 2021-04-28  40m

episode 130: Media Relations for Naturists

Getting media coverage is very easy for naturists. Journalists love to expose us because it gets great ratings and lots of clicks. For naturism it provides a lot of great publicity. But many naturists are leery to speak to the media because they're afr...


 2021-04-19  1h7m

episode 129: Naturist Waterpark

Having a naturist day at a waterpark seems natural but the logistics are complicated. We hear three stories, from the UK, United States, and Canada, about renting waterparks with differing levels of success.


 2021-03-26  1h5m

episode 128: Censorship in Social Media

Naturists are constantly censored in social media. Naturism itself gets lumped in with pornography despite the fact that Naturists oppose it, fight for body acceptance, against hypersexualization, and are trying to stop the objectification of the naked...


 2021-02-13  2h14m

episode 127: Family Nudist History

What if you grew up hearing that your great, great, grandfather was known as Rudy The Nudie? That is exactly the experience of Evan Nix who was intrigued enough to start doing some research. He tells us the story of Rudolph Johnson who was a prominent ...


 2021-02-01  1h5m

episode 126: NAK-ED Documentary

Many people are under the impression that those who live in Scandinavian countries are very comfortable with nudity. Yet Jan Dalchow, a Norwegian film director, felt enough body shame that he created a documentary about it.


 2021-01-17  1h14m