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Tripp Lanier has coached Navy SEALs, best-selling authors, and entrepreneurs to align their lives with their career and relationships. He covers topics guys are hungry to explore but typically only discuss after a few beers. Each episode consists of real world, practical advice so guys can get out of the rat race and live a life of purpose and meaning. Guests range from Tim Ferriss to Laird Hamilton to Navy SEALs to zen masters to “ordinary” guys living extraordinary lives. Topics include: mindset, purpose, power, relationships, sex, overcoming fear, lifestyle design, and spirituality. Read Tripp's latest book, This Book Will Make You Dangerous.

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episode 313: Dealbreakers: Are You Roommates or Lovers? — Tripp and Alyson Lanier

Are you and your main squeeze lovers or just roommates? Is being lovers a priority or an afterthought? And what puts the brakes on your sex life? Today Alyson and I talk about the roles we play in our relationships — being roommates,


 2021-12-14  56m

episode 312: My Wife Challenges Me to Go Big — Tripp and Alyson Lanier

Are you holding yourself back from the life and work you truly want? Do your fears of rejection or going broke keep you playing small? And would others think you were weird if they knew what truly lights you up? Today,


 2021-11-30  39m

episode 311: Do You Fear Your Ambition? (Part 4) - Brian Johnson

Are your goals too ambitious or are you holding yourself back? What is the opposite of imposter syndrome? And is there anyone in your life who challenges you to get out of your way? Optimize and Heroic founder,


 2021-11-16  1h0m

episode 310: What Would You Die For? - Sebastian Junger (Freedom, Tribe, The Perfect Storm)

Are you lost or do you have a clear sense of purpose? Do you seek or avoid risk? And do you feel that you’re part of a group that you would die for? Sebastian Junger is no stranger to danger. As a war reporter,


 2021-10-28  1h14m

episode 309: Why Avoiding Conflict is Creating Conflict - Jayson Gaddis (Getting to Zero, The Relationship School)

What if avoiding conflict was the thing killing your relationship and sex life? Are you being fake with your partner because you’re afraid to tell the truth? And is it possible to end a relationship with peace of mind?


 2021-10-12  49m

episode 308: From Inner Critic to Inner Peace - Richard Schwartz (IFS, No Bad Parts)

Richard Schwartz introduced IFS or Internal Family Systems many years ago. Since then, the process has been used to heal, strengthen, and align the minds of many people — including myself. I use IFS daily in meditation as well as in my coaching practi...


 2021-09-28  49m

episode 307: You’re Being Hormonal - When Heated Talks Turn into Fights — Alyson and Tripp Lanier

When you tell her she’s being ‘hormonal’ why does it typically erupt in flames? Why do heated conversations have a tendency to spiral into infernos? And is it more important to win the fight or find a solution?


 2021-09-14  45m

episode 306: Adrian Grenier: Success, Failure, and Rebirth

Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase from HBO’s Entourage). While Chase’s life was a fantasy, Adrian’s life behind the scenes had its share of ups and downs. Today we dive into his insatiable need to prove himself, the event that kicked his ass,


 2021-08-31  42m

episode 305: Rickson Gracie - How to Win Without a Fight

If you’re even remotely familiar with the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then you know that Rickson Gracie is nothing short of a legend. He has a new book called “Breathe: A Life in Flow”. It’s a fantastic read not only because his life story is so inte...


 2021-08-14  1h1m

episode 304: This Doc Wants to Wake Your Ass Up - ZDoggMD Zubin Damania

If you speak the truth could you lose your career? Is there more to life than striving for something we don’t already have? Dr. Zubin Damania aka ZDogg MD aka Doc Vader on breaking the mold, playfulness, and waking up. https://www.thenewmanpodcast.


 2021-08-03  42m