The New Man

Tripp Lanier has coached Navy SEALs, best-selling authors, and entrepreneurs to align their lives with their career and relationships. He covers topics guys are hungry to explore but typically only discuss after a few beers. Each episode consists of real world, practical advice so guys can get out of the rat race and live a life of purpose and meaning. Guests range from Tim Ferriss to Laird Hamilton to Navy SEALs to zen masters to “ordinary” guys living extraordinary lives. Topics include: mindset, purpose, power, relationships, sex, overcoming fear, lifestyle design, and spirituality. Read Tripp's latest book, This Book Will Make You Dangerous.

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Mark Manson on Why the World is Going Crazy - Mark Manson (Encore)

Mark Manson (The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Everything is F*cked, Will) slaughters our sacred cows. Also, why hope makes us fight one another, and why success was so difficult for him. https://www.thenewmanpodcast.



How to Have (Really) Difficult Conversations – Mark J Silverman(Encore)

Mark Silverman (author and coach) talks about having difficult conversations — Here’s what he’s learned after pulling back the curtain and telling his wife, co-workers, and sons he was gay. https://www.thenewmanpodcast.



Why Do Dolphins Get Stoned? The High Performance Benefits of Altered States - Jamie Wheal (Encore)

Jamie Wheal (Stealing Fire, Recapture the Rapture) discusses altered states, flow, ecstasis, startup founders at Burning Man, and how Navy SEALs accelerate learning.



How to Turn an Enemy into an Ally – Bill Shireman (Encore)

Bill Shireman (In This Together, Future 500) discusses how to turn an enemy into an ally, how we're played by political polarization, and finding purpose in chaos. You don't have to settle.



Why We’re All Full of Sh*t - Jonathan Haidt (Encore)

Jonathan Haidt (The Righteous Mind, The Happiness Hypothesis, The Coddling of the American Mind) discusses why groups get crazy, our fear of rejection, and the mindset that makes us weak. https://www.thenewmanpodcast.


 2022-08-30  34m

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior — Dan Millman (Encore)

Are you more afraid of rocking the boat or looking like a wimp? Do you see your current life as a diversion or as the training ground for being your best? And how can you walk the razor’s edge between being a passive wimp and the aggressive tough guy...


 2022-08-23  33m

Dial in Your Money Psychology — Brent Kessel (Encore)

Are you more comfortable talking openly about sex or money? Does the topic of money conjure up feelings of struggle and difficulty? And why does your romantic partner seem to play the money game exactly the opposite of how you would play it?


 2022-08-16  29m

Defending the Ego Makes Us Weak — Aubrey Marcus (Encore)

What would your buddies think about you if they knew other men were sleeping with your wife? Are you only valuable if you’re working hard? And do you only do things that you know you can do well? Aubrey Marcus has had business success while also bei...


 2022-08-09  48m

episode 319: Is Money Killing You? - Jordan Grumet

Is money like oxygen for you? Is money the reason why you feel stuck? And will we care about money in the last days of our lives? Today’s guest has helped many, many people die. And in those moments, money wasn’t a concern for them.


 2022-08-02  1h3m

How to Identify the Drama Triangle and Get Yourself Out — David Emerald (Encore)

Could you be a drama queen without even knowing it? Are you focusing on your problems or the outcomes you want? And how does playing the blame game kill your passion for life? In this encore episode, The Power of TED author David Emerald is here to ...


 2022-07-26  36m