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Theresa May’s Brexit Saga Continues, with No End in Sight

This week, a series of votes in the British House of Commons introduced a new chapter in the Brexit story and pushed parliamentary procedures to a breaking point. After Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan was voted down for a second time, the House



Jane Mayer on the Revolving Door Between Fox News and the White House

Donald Trump has made no secret of his great admiration for Fox News—he tweets praise of it constantly—and his disdain for other, “fake news” outlets, which he regards as “enemies of the people.” But the closeness between Fox News and the White House is



In an Age of Science Denialism, a Breakthrough in the Fight Against H.I.V.

This week, it was announced that a patient in the United Kingdom had been cured of H.I.V. The “London Patient” is only the second person with H.I.V. to be cured of the disease since its discovery, in 1981. The breakthrough comes weeks after President Tru



A Moderate Republican Wants to Give Donald Trump a Primary Challenge in 2020

Donald Trump boasts an approval rating among Republican voters of close to ninety per cent. But the former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld recently announced an exploratory committee to challenge Trump in the primary. It looks like a political suicide m



How Michael Cohen’s Testimony Signalled the True Beginning of the Many Cases Against Trump

This week, in an open hearing before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s longtime consigliere, implicated the President in multiple felonies, and gave the world a hint of what to expect in investigations into the Trump



Who Killed Jean McConville?

In 1972, the I.R.A. abducted and “disappeared” Jean McConville, the mother of ten children, most of whom were teen-age or younger. Her case became one of the most notorious unsolved murders of the long period of unrest in Northern Ireland known as the Tr



Bernie Sanders Enters the Democratic Field, But He’s No Longer Alone on the Left

On Tuesday, the Vermont senator Bernie Sanders announced that he would once again run for President. When Sanders ran in 2016, he was viewed as an insurgent candidate challenging the Democratic mainstream from the left flank of the Party. This time, amon



Teju Cole on Blackface

When depictions of Virginia politicians in blackface surfaced this month, the New Yorker contributor Teju Cole was unsurprised. “A white man of a certain age in the U.S.,” he reflects, “is found to have done something racist in his past; well, yes.” As a



Donald Trump’s Skewed View of Human Trafficking at the Border

In recent speeches defending his plan to build his border wall, President Trumphas repeatedly made reference to women who are kidnaped and trafficked over the U.S.-Mexico border. “Women are tied up, they’re bound, duct tape put around their faces, around


 2019-02-14  18m

Is the Tide Turning on Gun Reform?

Last week, the House held hearings on gun violence, the first in eight years. In the 2018 elections, gun-reform groups outspent the N.R.A.—which appears to be in financial trouble. After years of greatly expanded gun rights, is the tide turning on gun re


 2019-02-11  41m