The Nostalgic Vagabond

Join me, Allan Hill (the Nostalgic Vagabond) for weekly one-hour~ish travel talks with unique and interesting travellers / adventurers who Zoom-in from all around the world. In conversation, we share compelling personal stories of trial, triumph and sometimes tribulation from journeys, exploring this world and its cultures, languages and landscapes. None of us claim to be experts, we aren't necessarily pros, we are regular people like you. But we decided to say, “YES!” Decided to step outside our comfort zone and have a go at creating our own journey, going our own way. You also don't have to be an expert or professional, all you need is to say, “Yes!” Commit. And go on your own journey – your own way. You can be a traveller too! Hey - Maybe travel could help you discover, your best you. And you can also follow me, @thenostalgicv

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episode 15: How to Use the Great Outdoors - Stay In Balance

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond podcast, I talk with Drea Castro.  Drea is an actress, producer, and also a fellow podcaster who was born in the Philippines and now lives in the USA. She loves the great outdoors (4:15) and uses camping, hiking...


 2021-04-15  54m

episode 14: Podcast Recap + Personal Vagabond Tales

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, it's just me - Allan Hill, that nostalgic vagabond.  Easter Greetings (1:55) to all of you - my lovely listeners.  Listen in to this one for a recap (3:35) on the podcast so far from August 2020 until ...


 2021-04-08  35m

episode 13: Road Bogans - The Island of Ireland

On this Easter Monday episode release of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, I'm talking with Matt Burnett.  Matt featured on the 2020 Christmas Special where he played host for an ep and interviewed me, just to mix things up a bit. A job well done too. I ...


 2021-04-05  1h14m

episode 12: Teaching Abroad in A Pandemic

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, I talk with Chris Ascroft.  We chatted on the first series of the podcast, last summer, during the main wave of the coronavirus pandemic, linking up from Liverpool and Montreal to discuss travel, trave...


 2021-03-29  1h2m

episode 11: Busting Rumours in North Korea

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, I talk with Whitney Saldava.  Whitney currently works at NATO and before that she worked as a journalist. You can just google her name and you'll discover loads of articles and various works she's writ...


 2021-03-22  59m

episode 10: How to Find That Dream Hostel

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, I'm talking with Tony.  Tony is an American expat living in Vietnam. He's been stuck there (5:00) since the start of the pandemic for more or less a year now. Before the world shut down due to corona h...


 2021-03-15  1h0m

episode 9: Off-the-Beaten-Track Adventures

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, I talk with Tash Samek.  Tash is a creative strategy director and founder of Clayton's Cocktails in the UK. We met a few years ago at a screenwriters' conference at Regent's University in London. At th...


 2021-03-08  57m

episode 8: International Travel - An American Student's Perspective

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, I talk with Catie.  Catie is a very optimistic and adventurous student undertaking a Ba Arts at the University of Nevada. As well as working towards her degree Catie is an entrepreneur and recently sta...


 2021-03-01  52m

episode 7: One Hungary Girl Trekking in the Himalayas

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, I talk with Zsófia Sáfár.  She's from Hungary and currently bases herself in Budapest and sometimes in Italy where she works as a journalist and has written for multiple print and web publications.  Zs...


 2021-02-22  55m

episode 6: A HitchHiker's Guide to Africa - in the 90's

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, I talk with Tamara Bee. Tamara is a Canadian / British traveller with 3 decades of adventures and experiences. Her life changed in 1993 when an old school friend convinced her to pack up and embark on ...


 2021-02-15  1h2m