The Orbital Mechanics Podcast

Every week we cover the latest spaceflight news, discuss past, current and future exploration efforts, and take a look at upcoming events. Tune in to hear about how humans get to space, how they stay in space and how unmanned craft reach farther and farther into the universe around us.

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Episode 11: DOWNLINK--Connor West

It's our first interview episode! Let's get to know one of our research assistants better. Also: Blue Origin, Vulcan, Barge landings, Rocketlab's Rutherford engine and the completed D2 in-flight abort assembly.


 2015-04-28  1h32m

Episode 10: LIVE-ish

Single Stage to Orbit has long been a fantasy confined to tales of fiction. What would it take to actually build and operate such a machine? Also VASMIR flies, Canadian eyes, and MESSENGER dies.


 2015-04-14  1h6m

Episode 9: Radiation

The big barrier to people in space is radiation. There are different sources, different types and a couple of good ways to protect ourselves. Also: Opportunity in peril, SpaceX fairings, public domain space photos, Gwynne Shotwell testifies, He bottles, Dreamchaser again, and Mangalyaan.


 2015-03-31  1h16m

Episode 8: Breathe

Everyone knows you have to take your own air to space, assuming you'd like to continue breathing. Let's take some time to talk about common atmosphere choices in space. Also Curiosity's short, Orbital ATK's giant solid rocket, Jupiter (not the planet), Tory Bruno and radioactive material!


 2015-03-17  1h24m

Episode 7: Suit Up

The difficulty of survival in the near vacuum of low Earth orbit is a fear deep in our society’s psyche. However, it’s a working environment for many brave men and women, and isn’t as bad as many people think. This week, we talk about the smallest human spaceships ever invented: space suits.


 2015-03-03  1h15m

Episode 6: Manipulators

Sometimes, human hands just aren't practical or available. Let's talk about robot arms of all shapes and sizes! Also DSCOVR, Martian budget cuts, senators calling out ULA, the upcoming US ISS EVAs, and an amazing video from Marshall Space Flight Center!


 2015-02-17  1h31m

Episode 5: Acronyms

How do you talk to a satellite whizzing by at eight or nine km/s?


 2015-02-04  1h39m

Episode 4: LATE

What does the biggest orbital communications network look like? Also, AMA highlights, CRS-5, James Webb and a possible NH3 leak on ISS.


 2015-01-21  1h11m

Episode 3: Heat

How do rocket engines (aka explosions) not explode? Also, Messenger, Dawn, Curiosity and periareion.


 2015-01-06  59m

Episode 2: Maneuvers

How do we maneuver in space? Also Morpheus, Opportunity, Antares, and Hyabusa II (again).


 2014-12-23  1h13m