The Pantry Podcast

You know what's in your kitchen pantry, but what's in your heart? God's more than just a spice on the shelf—He's every ingredient worth having. Shea & Michelle Watson serve up spiritual nutrition for hungry Christian soldiers that chase truth, not cavities. A show grounded in the Bible that tells it straight, here to encourage and challenge you to dive deeper into Jesus.

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Brain, Washed

How cleansed is your mind? //S06E13 In our final episode of Season 6: Re-Wired, we reflect on the unexpected happenings of the last few weeks. From being a beat away from owning a farm in Arkansas to COVID, it’s been a challenging—and edifying—time



Turning to Samaria with Josh Proctor

Who are you reaching? //S06E12 You may very well be carrying out the Great Commission, but is there a group you secretly don’t even feel like bothering with? A type of person that you find yourself dismissing from your call to share the Word? Maybe



The Real Estate with Allen Laine

What are you focused on? //S06E11 Are the day-to-day demands of life getting to you? Do you have trouble looking to the kingdom? We live in an age of HDTV where everybody is a remodeler and a renovator, but we must look beyond to eternity and to the foun




What does The Bible Say about Fame? // S06E10 Does God want to help you become famous? When is the last time you heard someone say they want to be famous? When is the last time you were shocked at the reason WHY someone was famous? This week we dig into



Walking Dead with Kareemah El-Amin

Are you living in the flesh? //S06E09 Are you living rewired? Or are you walking dead? Three types of death, don’t get stuck in the middle. God has so much more for you to find when you let yourself die to the flesh. Listen to today’s episode


 2021-08-18  35m

Self: Love with Donovan McReynolds & Ashley Okada

What is self-love? / S06E8 What is self-love? And why does it do more harm than good? Culture tells us to love ourselves first but that self-love leads to temporary satisfaction and it takes you to rely on yourself rather than on He who created you. Self


 2021-08-11  36m

The Future is Revelation 21

LIVING WITH AN ETERNAL MINDSET// S06E07 Are you getting caught up in what the world wants? What do you want? And is it what God wants for you? It’s easy to get caught up in the desires of this world but when we start living in an eternal mindset ev


 2021-08-04  29m

You’re Not Enough with Rebekah White

God is more than enough // S06E06 What do you do when those insecurities creep up? When everything you do feels like it’s not enough? When you’re stuck because you feel so undeserving of good? Listen to this episode to hear how we will never


 2021-07-28  29m

Walls Down with Michael Kent and Tiffany Whittier

Your Past Doesn’t Define You // S06E05 Don’t be afraid to love on those that are completely different than you! Those that have different views, appearances or backgrounds, they may be completely outside of your comfort zone but you may well


 2021-07-21  29m

Happy Lies with Micaela & Natalie Deegan, Shawn Quintero, and Nicholas Ruffin

What is happiness? // S06E04 Happy lies, what are they? And what is the difference between worldly happiness and what happiness is with God? Being a Christian isn’t freedom from pain, worry, or sadness but it is freedom knowing that God has the fin


 2021-07-14  39m