The Pantry Podcast

You know what's in your kitchen pantry, but what's in your heart? God's more than just a spice on the shelf—He's every ingredient worth having. Shea & Michelle Watson serve up spiritual nutrition for hungry Christian soldiers that chase truth, not cavities. A show grounded in the Bible that tells it straight, here to encourage and challenge you to dive deeper into Jesus.

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In the Way They Should Go

PRIDE’S MANY SIDES // S02E11 We don’t need to be experienced parents to access the Biblical truths guiding what our children need to thrive. This week, we’re focusing on the common roots every parent and child can benefit from living in. QUESTIONS WE TOU


 2020-08-26  21m

Devotion in Action with Amanda Davis

DEVOTION IN ACTION // S02E09 Blogger and Bible journaler Amanda Davis realized God wasn’t a big part of her daily life—and she was ok with it until she woke up to the havoc it wreaked in her family. Now, she is passionate about waking others up to


 2020-08-19  26m

Turning Testimonies with Canden Webb

TURNING TESTIMONIES // S02E08 God loves to redeem our stories for His glory—He will even turn our testimony into a ministry. Canden Webb wears many hats, but they all revolve around calls God’s placed on her life. Evangelist, artist, performer, ent


 2020-08-12  29m

Hand Lettered Hope // Georgy Roy

Pursuing ones purpose while following the Great Commission isnt luck, its Gods will.


 2020-08-05  26m

It’s About More Than Tracts

It’s About More Than Tracts // S02E07 Tracts—the leaflets we hand out with hope for someone’s salvation. Totally important, completely relevant. And yet, somehow so intimidating for many. We’re talking about The Great Commission and the


 2020-07-29  24m

Pride’s Many Sides

When we dont really know what pride is at its roots, we may misattribute its fruit as symptoms of another issue. Were moving past the puffed up and into the more unexpected sides of pride.


 2020-07-22  16m

The Sacrifice of Servitude

Were called to serve not just those we like or love, but our enemies. When we put serving first and our own interests second, we bring God glory and present Christ to others. This week, we talk about the sacrifices—and blessings—of servitude.


 2020-07-15  21m

Caring While Christian

CARING WHILE CHRISTIAN // S02E03 There are lot of ways people show they care, but what is the Biblically sound way to show care, express faith, and act in love toward those around you? QUESTIONS WE TOUCH ON IN THIS EPISODE: Are you helping others? What i


 2020-07-08  23m

Second in First with Jessica Long

We talk with competitive swimmer and 13-time Paralympic gold medalist, Jessica Long about what it means to put Jesus first and ourselves second.


 2020-07-01  30m

We Are Second

In a world where first place is the goal, God tells us that being second is best. This truth is a staple for fruitfulness in Christ, and it sets the stage for all of Season 2. Transcript Speaker 0 00:00:01.1700000Speaker 1 00:00:21.3800000 You can be bro


 2020-06-24  16m