The Pantry Podcast

You know what's in your kitchen pantry, but what's in your heart? God's more than just a spice on the shelf—He's every ingredient worth having. Shea & Michelle Watson serve up spiritual nutrition for hungry Christian soldiers that chase truth, not cavities. A show grounded in the Bible that tells it straight, here to encourage and challenge you to dive deeper into Jesus.

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What is Worship, Really?

How do we worship God? What if you cant sing? What if youre shy? What if...its not just about songs and melodies?


 2020-04-29  18m

Comparison Kills Contentment

You dont take cooking classes to swim better. The grass isnt always greener. You are complete in Him. Comparison—it will destroy the joy Gods gifts can bring.


 2020-04-22  21m

Faith That Rewrites the Rules

Exercising your faith is vital to overcoming lifes obstacles. It doesnt just get us through little things or big things, it gets us through all things. It rewrites the rules on whats possible.


 2020-04-15  24m

The Lies Anxiety Lays

Although over 40 million American adults report suffering from an anxiety disorder, less than 40% seek treatment. Anxiety is loud and full of lies—we need to listen to the Father of Truth.


 2020-04-07  21m

Facing Giants

Sometimes we relate more to David, sometimes to the Israelites. No matter what, we have an enemy—but is our enemy always the giant we make it out to be?\ Annotation Annotations are generated with smart listening software and may not be entirely accurate.


 2020-03-31  23m

The Possibilities of Plugging In

The strength of the community is probably not the first thing you think of when you read the Book of Ruth, but when you do, its seriously eye opening.


 2020-03-27  19m

Don’t Wait to Work

It is easy to go stagnant waiting on a Word from God. What should you do if God hasn’t provided a plan or a prompting? Ruth is a beautiful example of the works you can do even whilst you wait for the specifics from our Father in Heaven. Works often


 2020-03-25  18m

The Faith to Follow

In the middle of tragedy, we can often throw up our hands and send God packing—but the real miracles happen when we cling to Him even tighter.


 2020-03-24  22m

Welcome to The Pantry

Whats The Pantry and will I learn how to cook? Well, yes and no. Depends on what youre trying to feed.


 2020-03-24  16m