The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast

The Partially Examined Life is a podcast by some guys who were at one point set on doing philosophy for a living but then thought better of it. Each episode, we pick a short text and chat about it with some balance between insight and flippancy. You don't have to know any philosophy, or even to have read the text we're talking about to (mostly) follow and (hopefully) enjoy the discussion. For links to the texts we discuss and other info, check out We also feature episodes from other podcasts by our hosts to round out your partially examined life, including Pretty Much Pop (, covering all media), Nakedly Examined Music (, deconstructing songs), and (sub)Text (, looking deeply at lit and film). Learn about more network podcasts at

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Ep. 267: Avicenna on God and Soul w/ Peter Adamson (Part One)

On selections and commentary about Avicenna's argument from around 1020 C.E. for the existence of God as a necessary being, plus arguments to prove that God has the person-like properties that Islam imputes to him, and his "flying man" argument for...



PEL Presents (sub)Text: Art and Action in Chekhov's "The House with the Mezzanine"

In this story, there are two sisters: one introverted, frail, and bookish; the other dominant, opinionated, and politically active. In meeting them, an accomplished artist seems to be confronted with a dilemma. Should art subordinate itself to the...



PEL Presents PMP#88: Indie Animation w/ Benjamin Goldman

Animation is so labor-intensive that it seems designed for corporate domination a la Disney. Mark, Erica, and Brian are joined by animator to discuss doing animation on your own. What qualifies as "indie?" What are we as adult viewers looking from...



PEL Presents NEM#144: Dennis Davison (The Jigsaw Seen): How Much Is Enough?

Dennis fronted the Baltimore punk band Ebenezer and The Bludgeons in the late 70s, and after some transitional projects moved to L.A. where his '60s-ish guitar pop band The Jigsaw Seen released nine albums from 1989-2015. We discuss "Museum Piece"...



PREVIEW-Ep. 266: Jonathan Lear's Plato: Psyche and Society (Part Two)

Continuing on Lear's Open Minded: Working Out the Logic of the Soul (1988). Our highlight is about the relation between the three parts of the soul: which (if any) is basic? To hear the full , you'll need to go sign up at .



Ep. 266: Jonathan Lear's Plato: Psyche and Society (Part One)

On essays from Lear's Open Minded: Working Out the Logic of the Soul (1988): "Inside and Outside the Republic," "Eros and Unknowing: The Psychoanalytic Significance of Plato’s Symposium," and "An Interpretation of Transference," which compares...




PEL Presents (sub)Text: Nipped by Love in Chekhov's "The Lady with the Little Dog"

Dmitri Gurov does not take love seriously. His wife annoys him, long-term relationships scare him, and his love life consists of brief affairs with women he meets at vacation resorts. In Anna, he finds someone who appears to be the usual...



PEL Presents PMP#86: What Irish Means w/ Black 47's Larry Kirwan

St. Patrick's Day has passed: What sort of representation of Ireland has made it to the U.S. through such celebrations? Who gets to decide what's authentically Irish? Mark, Erica, and Brian are joined by writer and Larry to talk about his immigrant...



PEL Presents NEM#143: In Search of Eric Dover (Imperial Drag, Slash’s Snakepit, etc.)

After joining Jellyfish in 1993 just before its demise, Eric's big break came when he was asked to sing for Slash's Snakepit. He then returned to Roger Manning from Jellyfish for an album as Imperial Drag, worked as sideman (e.g. for Alice Cooper) and...