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Passionate people, deep conversations. Thoughts on how to deal with listening to your heart and some examples to guide us forward. The Passion People Podcast is a series of impromptu conversations about following a passion, making it manifest, and what all comes with it. Hosted by Naga Subramanya B B The Passion People Podcast is a part of Ep.Log Media Podcast Network for partnership/advertising you can contact us on

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episode 21: The Auteur

Business | Fashion | Video Production | YouTube   Pooja Tripathi is an Indian American filmmaker, actress, and musician. She grew up in Pittsburgh & New York City, and studied Business Administration and Violin Performance at Carnegie Mellon University. Pooja began her career in the fashion industry, working in buying and digital marketing at top brands including Fendi, Bloomingdale’s, and Dior...


 2020-01-26  37m

episode 20: The Rationalist

Critical Thinker | Serial Entrepreneur | Creative Andy learnt the joy of being a creator when he applied a lot of what he had learnt theoretically when he started his first start-up, a micro-brewery.  He got into journaling when a teacher in college taught Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way and Morning Pages - Frame of Consciousness (Value of writing, reflecting, thinking) for 3 months as part of a class. Episode Transcript - https://medium...


 2020-01-13  1h6m

episode 19: The Radiocaster

Journalist | Radio Producer | Podcaster Stumbling on a career path in radio.  Breakfast Radio - Talk back radio - Talk back, call in segments,  Catch Up Podcasting for a commercial radio station where the radio station airs the show for people who may have missed the original segment. What is interesting is the fact that the ads were cut out from the podcasts.  Discovered podcasting during the archival process of burning radio shows on CDs. Binged on all episodes of this american life...


 2019-12-30  51m

2019 - Year End Wrap Up!

A short message from Naga for the year end! 


 2019-12-13  4m

The Super Randonneur - 2 of 2

Mechanical Engineer | Cyclist | Sports Scientist | Author   In this 2 part special episode with Raman, we discussed the impact of Hyderabad Bicycling Club on Raman’s cycling, Sports as a career, getting bored easily and what to do about it, the importance of complexity in a passion or pursuit, why cyclists shave their legs and so much more! Tune in to find out more...


 2019-12-03  30m

episode 18: The Super Randonneur - 1 of 2

Mechanical Engineer | Cyclist | Sports Scientist | Author In this 2 part special episode with Raman, where we discussed Raman's upbringing in Hyderabad, the winding career path he took, why he's reading Range from David Epstein, his favorite podcasts and the reason he stopped playing football. Stay tuned! Raman Garimella is an engineer, cyclist, and a sports scientist, in that order. He started endurance cycling at the age of 22...


 2019-11-18  34m

The Blue Sky Thinker - 2 of 2

Journalist | Advertising Copy Writer | Comic Book Writer | Podcaster | Youtuber  We continue our conversation with Vijayendra Mohanty aka Vimoh who runs the acclaimed Mythofiction podcast currently! Chose English lit and did not end up there because of rejection from Economics. "My mentor had a profound impact on me. He was that someone who told me that I was on a path that had merit...


 2019-11-03  47m

episode 17: The Blue Sky Thinker - 1 of 2

Journalist | Advertising Copy Writer | Comic Book Writer | Podcaster | Youtuber  We talk about Indian culture, becoming more Indian as one moves abroad, a lack of personal space in the country, how it is such a small world, a past guest and future collaborator for the Passion People Podcast - Rupen Paul.    Vijayendra Mohanty is an Indian comic book writer. He has authored a ten-issue comic series called Ravanayan and is presently writing several new Indian superhero titles to be published soon...


 2019-10-14  35m

episode 16: The Wordsmith

Avanti Ubhayakar Mother | Entrepreneur | Aspiring Comic | Storyteller  As someone who’s made the switch from Corporate to being on their own, Avanti strongly recommends one to have a financial runway of atleast 6 months to ensure that they do not run into any personal troubles.  “As women, I believe that we need to take the pressure off. The house should be sparkling clean, the family should be eating full course meals and we should be excelling at work. It is not possible...


 2019-09-29  40m

episode 15: The Paladin

We talk about privilege and the associated social inclination to do something good, trekking the Amazon, building a football ground and accelerating the change to solar energy with Manan, one of the co-founders of the energy start-up - Unergia...


 2019-09-15  44m