The Passion People Podcast

Passionate people, deep conversations. Thoughts on how to deal with listening to your heart and some examples to guide us forward. The Passion People Podcast is a series of impromptu conversations about following a passion, making it manifest, and what all comes with it. Hosted by Naga Subramanya B B The Passion People Podcast is a part of Ep.Log Media Podcast Network for partnership/advertising you can contact us on


episode 30: The Wayfaring Yogi

Meet Namita, a Lawyer turned Yogi, Traveller, Painter and Blogger! The grit, determination and the kind of work she has put in will inspire anyone! She's come a long way from escaping a Cult to travelling the world and blogging about her adventures....


 2018-02-02  48m

episode 31: Children of the Soil

As we wind up Season 1, we are in conversation with Anjali and Kabir from Yarroway Farms talking about how farming brought them together, life on a farm, being passionate about growing food and living a sustainable life.  A breakout of the various t...


 2018-02-18  51m

episode 32: Season 2 - Preview and Crossover Special

In this episode we give you an update of what is in the works and give you a behind the scenes look at what happens when a bunch of podcasters meet. We are with the very special and amazing Saif Omar from The Musafir Stories Podcast and Shankar and Vis...


 2018-07-22  38m