The Path Less Pedaled Podcast - Contemporary Bicycling Culture

Hosted by Russ Roca of PathLessPedaled, this podcast is for bike nerds with interesting conversations with interesting people in the bike biz. Topics include bikepacking, bike touring, small bicycle focused businesses, social media, gravel grinding and the future of bike culture.

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episode 14: PLPTalks - 13 - Revelate Designs (Eric Parsons)

In this episode of PLPTalks we interview Eric Parsons of Revelate Designs, one of the originators of modern bikepacking bags! We talk about the early ...


 2018-02-05  34m

episode 13: PLPTalks - 12 - Lael Wilcox

This episode is made possible by the Art of Survival Century Ride ( and listeners like you. Learn how you can support the series at  ( In this ...


 2018-01-29  55m

episode 12: #PLPTalks - Patch Game (Walter Skrzypek)

In this episode of PLPTalks we interview Walter Skrzypek, from Falls Creek Outfitters, the man behind so many of the bicycle patches you see on ...


 2018-01-22  21m

episode 11: Road Diary: One of those Moments

A blast from the past. When we first set off almost a decade ago we wanted to make audio slide shows. We only made a ...


 2018-01-21  6m

episode 10: PLPTalks - 10 - Spoke’n Hostel ( The BEST bike hostel in the US?)

In this interview we talk with Jalet and Pat, the owners of Spoke'n Hostel in Mitchell, OR.  Mitchell is a town of 125 people along ...


 2018-01-16  46m

episode 9: PLPTalks - 09 - Matt (Crust Bikes, Starting Your Own Bike Brand?)

In this interview we talk with Matt, the man behind Crust bikes about what it is like to start a bike company from scratch making ...


 2018-01-13  44m

episode 8: PLPTalks - 08 - Bobby Wintle (Land Run 100, Future of Gravel?, Future of Bike Shops?)

In this interview we talk with Bobby Wintle of District Bicycles in Stillwater, OK. In addition to operating a bike shop with his wife Crystal, ...


 2018-01-13  44m

episode 7: PLPTalks - 07 - Whitney Ford-Terry (Bikepacking and Land Art)

In this interview we talk with Whitney Ford-Terry about land art and bikepacking, WTF Bike Explorers Summit, are bike brands responsible for promoting Leave No ...


 2018-01-12  43m

episode 6: PLPTalks - 06 - Benedict (aka UltraRomance)

In this video we interview one of cycling's most interesting personas, Benedict, aka UltraRomance. What are his cycling origins? How does one become a professional ...


 2018-01-12  54m

episode 5: PLPTalks - 05 - Martina Brimmer (Swift Industries)

In this next installment of #PLPTalks, I interview one of our favorite people in the bike industry, Martina Brimmer, co-founder of Swift Industries! Swift Industries ...


 2018-01-11  44m