The Path Less Pedaled Podcast - Contemporary Bicycling Culture

Hosted by Russ Roca of PathLessPedaled, this podcast is for bike nerds with interesting conversations with interesting people in the bike biz. Topics include bikepacking, bike touring, small bicycle focused businesses, social media, gravel grinding and the future of bike culture.


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episode 4: PLPTalks - 04 - Nam Arya (Gender, Race and Bikepacking)

In this next installment of #PLPTalks, I interview Nam Arya (@goodolenam on Insta), about how she got into touring, being a Blackburn Ranger and race ...


 2018-01-11  41m

episode 3: PLPTalks - 03 - Jay Petervary (Endurance Bikepacking Athlete)

In this installment of #PLPTalks, I talk with Jay Petervary about his career as an endurance athlete, but also what it takes to do this ...


 2018-01-11  36m

episode 2: PLPTalks - 02 - Sarah Swallow (Specialized Adventure Athlete, Dirty Kanza)

Sarah J Swallow is a well respected bike traveler. We talk about how she creates routes, riding Dirty Kanza, the downsides of living the dream ...


 2018-01-11  48m

episode 1: PLPTalks - 01 - Kurt Refsnider (

In this first episode of PLPTalks, I interview Kurt Refsnider a former Tour Divide winner, geologist and founder of We talk about his bikepacking ...


 2018-01-11  35m