The Poor Prole’s Almanac

A leftist perspective on ecoagriculture, prepping, foraging, homesteading, weapons, community-building, and global warming during late-stage capitalism.

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episode 118: The Future of California’s Almond Industry with Tommy Fenster

In this episode, we're joined by researcher Tommy Fenster to discuss how we can transition California Almond farms for future climates. What potential is there to keep nut crops in these regions in California, and what does that look like?   You can chec...



episode 117: Liberating Tools with Liberation Tools

In this episode, we're joined by Chloe & Max from Liberation Tools to discuss the question of heirloom tools and designing tools to meet the needs of marginalized and non-traditional farmers.  The modern era's model of disposable tools is inhere...



episode 116: A New Future for Old Growth Forests with Kentucky Heartwood

We're joined by Chris from Kentucky Heartwood to discuss protecting old-growth forests and unique ecosystems that are home to rare and endangered species from clearcutting by the forestry service. Your first thought might be, "Why is the forestry service...



episode 115: The Perennial Future that Almost Was; The LSU Groundnut Project with Dr. Bill Blackmon

Apios Americana, hopniss, or the American Groundnut. Whatever you call it, the nitrogen-fixing perennial root crop has been of much interest to homesteaders, permaculturalists, and native-crop enthusiasts for decades. However, the American Groundnut was ...



episode 114: The Solutions are Already Here with Peter Gelderloos

Peter Gelderloos joins us again to discuss his recent book "The Solutions are Already Here: Strategies for Ecological Revolution from Below". The conversation is framed around ecological collapse, the complexity of tackling these issues, and detangling ...


 2022-08-22  55m

episode 113: Endangered Maize with Helen Anne Curry

The role of corn in our diet cannot be overstated, whether it's through animal feed for meat production, ethanol to transport our food, high fructose corn syrup, corn flour, or any of the other ways it has been introduced. Corn is a staple for good reaso...


 2022-08-15  1h6m

episode 112: The Future of Wild Buffalo with Buffalo Field Campaign

In this episode we're joined by James Holt, the Executive Director of the Buffalo Field Campaign, a non-profit focused on restoring the rights of the wild buffalo to manage the landscape similarly to how it has in the past. What's the difference between...


 2022-08-08  34m

episode 111: Fossil-Free Farming & Food as a Public Work with Maseualkualli Farms

In this episode, we're joined by Panteleon from Maseualkualli Farms, a small fossil-free farm in northeast Kansas. We discuss the importance of relearning to farm without petrochemicals and petrofuels, building community, and the Florentine Codex-- a te...


 2022-08-01  45m

episode 110: Indigenous Stories with Joe Yates of Molly of Denali

In this episode, we're joined by writer & producer Joe Yates, who is part of the Yawk'laanaas tribe. We discuss the PBS award-winning show 'Molly of Denali', the importance of TV that reflects very complicated realities around representation and finding ...


 2022-07-25  26m

episode 109: The Decolonizing Diet with Dr. Martin Reinhardt

We're joined in this episode by Dr. Martin Reinhardt to discuss a unique project focused on what decolonized foods look like & how these diets impact health. When foods aren't easily available at the grocery store, how does that change your relationship ...


 2022-07-18  46m