The Radiology Review Podcast

The Radiology Review Podcast provides high-quality educational reviews on key radiology topics so you can prepare for board examinations during your commute, workout, and other on-the-go moments.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 18m. Bisher sind 93 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

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episode 1: Introduction to the Radiology Review Podcast

What is the Radiology Review Podcast?  In this short introductory episode Dr. Covington explains how best to use this podcast to supplement your Radiology exam preparation.


 2020-02-18  2m

episode 1: Tc in 20 minutes

High-yield summary of Technetium radoopharmaceuticals for on-the-go board review.


 2020-02-27  20m

episode 2: Non-Tc Radioisotopes

In this episode I discuss radioisotopes other than technetium for general nuclear medicine. 


 2020-03-01  24m

episode 3: Breast Imaging: BI-RADS, Atypical Lesions, Asymmetries, and More

In this episode I review commonly tested breast imaging concepts for the ABR core exam including BI-RADS scores, management of atypical lesions, definition of asymmetries, and more.


 2020-03-04  21m

episode 4: Breast Imaging: Calcifications and Masses

Quick review to help you with breast imaging questions on calcifications and masses. 


 2020-03-06  13m

episode 5: ABR Core Exam: Tucson vs Chicago and Other Suggestions

I share some thoughts on my experience taking ABR exams in Tucson (core exam and ABR nucs exam) and Chicago (final certifying exam) (spoiler: Tucson wins mostly because there is no bus to the testing center like in Chicago).  Also I review basics...


 2020-03-06  8m

episode 6: Non-Interpretive Skills: MRI Safety

Review of MRI safety for the ABR core exam and ABR final certifying exam.  


 2020-03-09  13m

episode 7: ABR Core Exam and COVID-19: What if the exam is delayed?

A few thoughts on how you can optimize your study plan to be prepared for any ABR Core Exam test date.  


 2020-03-11  6m

episode 8: Nuclear Medicine: The 5 Types of Purity

Chemical, Radiochemical, Radionuclide, Physical and Biologic Purity


 2020-03-13  7m

episode 9: Nuclear Medicine: Gas and Scintillation Radiation Detectors

Review of gas and scintillation radiation detectors including dose calibrators, ion chamber detectors, Geiger-Muller counters, well counters and thyroid probes.  


 2020-03-15  6m