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Join Dru and Nishant as they discuss every aspect of mobile app development with our amazing and inspiring guests. Season 11 brings a new focus looking at the softer skills, we'll focus each episode on a chapter of the book Living by the Code. Our goal is to help you learn something new each episode and level up your career!

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 40m. Bisher sind 125 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 3 days 12 hours 21 minutes


Moyinoluwa Adeyemi – Podcast S11 E04

Level up with Moyinoluwa Adeyemi as a Google Developer as we delve deeper into her interview in 'Living By The Code.'



Marcin Krzyzanowski – Podcast S11 E03

Marcin Krzyzanowski talks about the ins and outs of Open Source development and comments on his interview in 'Living By The Code.'



Lara Martín – Podcast S11 E02

In this episode we dive into the insights of Lara Martín from her interview in 'Living By The Code.'


 2020-12-23  46m

Paco Estévez García – Podcast S11 E01

In our first full episode of the season we take a deeper look with Paco Estévez García into his interview in 'Living By The Code.'


 2020-12-09  47m

Season 11 Kickoff – Podcast S11 E00

Welcome back to our Season 11 Kickoff. Dru has got a quick episode where he calls up our new co-host for you to meet and talks about some of the things you don't want to miss this season.


 2020-11-25  10m

Jetpack Compose with Denis Buketa – Podcast S10 E13

On this episode, Denis gives us a deeper dive into Jetpack Compose. Later Alex and I will talk about Season 10 and how you could help with Season 11.


 2020-08-12  40m

CryptoNetwork and Blockchain with Ben DiFrancesco – Podcast S10 E12

On this episode, Ben DiFrancesco talks about the secrets of CryptoNetworks and the all too mysterious technology of BlockChains. After Alex talks about the Flutter game engine “Flame.”


 2020-07-29  44m

Mastering Git with Chris Belanger – Podcast S10 E11

On this episode, Chris Belanger walks us through the wonderful world of Git. After, Dru looks back on WWDC(Virtual)2020.


 2020-07-15  47m

Android App Architecture with Vijay Sharma – Podcast S10 E10

Vijay Sharma wears his Jetpack and helps us understand MVVM and App Architecture for Android. After Alex refreshes his knowledge of Jetpack Compose.


 2020-07-01  46m

Fastlane with Brian Schick – Podcast S10 E9

Brian Schick kicks us into high efficiency with Fastlane. After Dru talks about Unit Tests and why they are so helpful.


 2020-06-17  45m