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Join Dru and Janie as they discuss every aspect of app development with well-known characters from the developer community. Primarily focusing on Apple technology, but with the occasional dip into other platforms. Find out more at



      Unity and ShaderKit – Podcast S07 E08

      In this episode Independent Creative Professional Tammy Coron joins Dru and Janie to talk about her transition from SpriteKit and Scene Kit to developing with Unity, and then Janie introduces us to ShaderKit.



      Open Source Swift, Raspberry Pi, and Firebase – Podcast S07 E07

      In this episode Louie de la Rosa from Capital One joins Dru and Janie to talk about Open Swift applications on the server and the Raspberry Pi, and then Janie braves the world of Firebase.



      The Swift Concurrency Manifesto Part 2, and Drag and Drop – Podcast S07 E06

      In this episode Ben DiFrancesco from ScopeLift returns to join Dru and Janie to continue the concurrency discussion with a look at the Actor Model for the Swift Language and then Dru takes a look at the new Drag and Drop functionality introduced for iOS 11.



      Special Thanksgiving Episode – Podcast S07 E05

      In this episode Janie and Dru chat about the wide selection of books on and help you get ready for the holidays with a special Black Friday deal.



      Swift-ObjC API Exchange and NSTouchBar – Podcast S07 E04

      In this episode Keith Moon a contract iOS Developer from London joins Janie and Dru to discuss designing interfaces that work seamlessly with Swift and Objective-C. Then Dru takes a dive back into Mac programming to look at NSTouchBar.



      Universal Problem Solving and Random Numbers – Podcast S07 E03

      In this episode Mark Dalrymple from The Big Nerd Ranch joins Dru and Janie to discuss The Universal Problem Solving methodology and then Janie gives better options for random numbers in GameplayKit than arc4random.



      The Concurrency Manifesto and ARKit – Podcast S07 E02

      In this episode Ben DiFrancesco from ScopeLift joins Dru and Janie to discuss Chris Lattner's efforts to add concurrency to the Swift Language and then Janie explains what you need to know to use ARKit.



      Storyboards and Codable – Podcast S07 E01

      In this episode Dru and Janie welcome guest Arthur Mayes who gives his insights into working with Storyboards and then Dru looks into the new Swift 4 Codable protocol.
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      Episode Links

      * Storyboards

      * IBInspectable / IBDesignable
      * Ray Wenderlich: UIStackView Tutorial
      * Xcode: A Better Way to Deal with...



      The Return of the Podcast – Podcast S07 E00

      It’s been almost a year, but the podcast is back!
      In this inaugural episode in season 7, meet your new hosts: Dru and Janie.
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      3D Tools for Developers, and Core Graphics Revisited – Podcast S06 E12

      Join Mic, Jake, and Chris for the final time this season as they discuss some of the best 3D tools for aspiring game developers, as well as a clear learning path for those with little to no experience. Beyond that, they revisit Core Graphics and take a look at some of the big changes introduced with Swift 3.
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