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Join Dru and Janie as they discuss every aspect of app development with well-known characters from the developer community. Primarily focusing on Apple technology, but with the occasional dip into other platforms. Find out more at



      ARKit/Facial Recognition – Podcast S08 E02

      We welcome the team from "ARKit by Tutorials" to talk about ARKit. What it is, what's new this year, and the workhorse that is Facial Recognition.



      Kotlin – Podcast S08 E01

      Kicking off Season 8 with Ellen Shapiro and Joe Howard from "The Kotlin Apprentice" talking about the differences between Kotlin and Swift and where Kotlin can be found.


       2018-06-18  39m

      Season 8 Kickoff – Podcast S08 E00

      Welcome back to our Season 8 Kickoff. Dru has got a quick episode where he calls up our new co-host for you to meet and talks about some of the things you don't want to miss in the next 4 weeks.


       2018-05-21  5m

      RWDevCon 2018 Live – Podcast S07.5

      In this special episode recorded LIVE at RWDevCon 2018, Janie and Dru talk about Season 7, a behind the scenes look, and what is happening in Season 8.


       2018-04-23  32m

      Large Mobile Dev Teams and The Android Avalanche – Podcast S07 E13

      In our season 7 finale, Dru and Janie bring back Capital One's Louie de la Rosa to talk about working with large mobile development teams and then Razeware's Joe Howard opens up the gates on the Android Avalanche.


       2018-03-26  42m

      MVVM and CoreML – Podcast S07 E12

      In this episode Dru and Janie welcome back Arthur Mayes to discuss some new tools and how and when to use them. Arthur explains MVVM, then Janie 'gives us some computer learning' for CoreML.


       2018-03-12  41m

      GameplayKit and Localisation – Podcast S07 E11

      In this episode Independent Creative Professional Tammy Coron returns with Dru and Janie to dive into GameplayKit and then Dru talks about the importance and tricks of localising your apps.


       2018-02-26  40m

      Playgrounds 2 and Animation Overview – Podcast S07 E10

      In this episode Keith Moon returns to talk with Janie and Dru about the changes in Swift Playgrounds 2 and then Janie orients us on the hows and whys of adopting animation.


       2018-02-12  40m

      Debugging and Historical Nerd Off – Podcast S07 E09

      In this episode Mark Dalrymple returns to talk with Dru and Janie about Debugging techniques and then Dru and Mark lead Janie on a Nerdtastic journey into Ye Olde Days of programming on Apple Platforms.


       2018-01-29  39m

      Unity and ShaderKit – Podcast S07 E08

      In this episode Independent Creative Professional Tammy Coron joins Dru and Janie to talk about her transition from SpriteKit and Scene Kit to developing with Unity, and then Janie introduces us to ShaderKit.


       2018-01-15  39m