The Ready Room: A Star Trek Podcast

The Ready Room is a casual Star Trek discussion show from hosted by C Bryan Jones that covers The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and news from all across the Star Trek universe with a mix of humor and serious commentary.

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episode 230: Nacelles Sold Separately

Looking Back at Discovery Season 3. We reflect on the story, how it played out compared with what we expected, how we feel about key plot points, and how it all fits into the overall Star Trek picture.


 2021-03-31  2h11m

episode 229: Grudge Cat Is a Big Nirvana Fan

Discovery Season 3 preview. We discuss the premise, what the episode titles may reveal about the story, potential real world parallels, the addition of transgender and binary characters, and more.


 2020-10-14  2h7m

episode 228: Real-World Star Trek Dripping In

Lower Decks midseason review. We pay a visit to the insignificant little USS Cerritos as its journey reaches the halfway point to share our thoughts on this animated rendition of Star Trek.


 2020-09-14  2h21m

episode 227: Way Bigger Than Praxis

Expanding the Star Trek universe. Using Alex Kurtzman’s interviews from the Star Trek Emmy promotion campaign as a springboard, we explore Section 31, Lower Decks, Strange New Worlds, Prodigy, and the overall expansion of the Star Trek universe—includ


 2020-09-05  2h2m

episode 226: Waiting Naked in a Shuttlepod

Lower Decks pre-launch thoughts and Star Trek Emmy nominations. We look ahead to the Lower Decks premiere and discuss the Star Trek franchise’s six Emmy nominations as well as how virtual cons are changing the nature of fan interaction in the age of cor


 2020-08-10  2h0m

episode 225: Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album

Picard Recap and Strange New Worlds. We look back at the full season of Star Trek: Picard and take a first look at the recently announced Captain Pike series.


 2020-07-05  2h5m

episode 224: Emergency Double Agent Hologram

Midseason Picard. We share our thoughts on the tone and direction of the new show, characters old and new, what happened in the first five episodes, what we feel has and has not worked in the writing and pacing, and where we would like things to go from h


 2020-03-07  1h52m

episode 223: As Canon Adjacent As Possible

Star Trek’s second golden age. We look ahead to the flood of new content headed to our screens in 2020—including Picard and Discovery, Season 3—and remember Aron Eisenberg, Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana, and René Auberjonois.


 2020-01-02  2h21m

episode 222: Dig Your Own Time Crystals State Park

Looking Back at Discovery Season Two. We reflect on the story that never happened, the crew that never existed, and how the show’s sophomore mission did—or did not—change the Star Trek universe.


 2019-06-27  2h34m

episode 221: Close Canon Quarters

Future Trek. Along with Larry Nemecek, we ride a subspace shockwave through a list of Star Treks to come, from Discovery to Picard to Ceti Alpha V … and much more.


 2019-01-13  1h50m