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A home for goths and rivetheads to call their own. Every week (Thursdays) one of the Requiem's DJ's will bring you the most decadent mix they can conjure. Featuring every genre from the underground scene, no one gets left behind! Visit the website for playlists, videos, news and more. Welcome to the Shadows!

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The Requiem with Tyler Viscerine [EP.11]

The Requiem with Tyler Viscerine episode 11 setlist 1. Noisex - Fiesta 2. SHIV-R - Parasite (repossession) 3. Phosgore - Contagion 4. Chainreactor - Overcharging System 5. Stahlschlag - Routine 6. KiEw - Dcdisk 7. C/A/T - Smashed (v2) 8. Memmaker -...



The Requiem with Tyler Viscerine episode 10

The Requiem with Tyler Viscerine episode 10 setlist: 1.Creux Lies-The Uncalapsing 2.The Nefilim-Shine 3.Written In Ashes-All I Never Wanted 4.Gene Loves Jezabel-Heartache 5.The Smiths-How Soon Is Now? 6.Love And Rockets-Kundalini Express 7.Bitter...


 2019-10-14  1h32m

The Catacombs [EP.49]

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez: 1 PARADISE - KMFDM 2 Der Kommandant - Dunkelwerk 3 Are We Crashing - Am Tierpark 4 Uncrossed - Korine 5 From the Dark - Mental Exile 6 Jasmine - Bat For Lashes 7 Cold Frozen Arts - Endzeit Edit - First Aid 4 Souls 8 Drifting...


 2019-10-08  1h3m

The Catacombs [EP.48]

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez 1 Conviction - Velvet Acid Christ 2 Turn Away - Kontravoid 3 Brace the Storm - Grendel 4 Redact - Numb 5 No Life - Dancing Plague 6 Northpark (Only a Memory) - Interface 7 Broken Pieces - Echoberyl 8 Heart & Feather -...


 2019-09-09  1h0m

The Catacombs [EP.47]

1 Cross My Heart - God Module 2 Third Strike - Iris 3 I Feel You Don't - Rotersand 4 Iris - TR/ST 5 In Dreams - Sixth June 6 The Eye That Follows Suit - WINGTIPS 7 One Eye Open - Black Marble 8 Made - Creux Lies 9 Annihilator - Night Sins 10 Ellipsis...


 2019-08-12  1h0m

The Catacombs [EP.46]

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez 1. Suspiria- Allegedly, Dancefloor Tragedy 2. Second Skin- Sweet Nothing 3. Scarlet's Remains- Far From Paradise 4. Inkubus Sukkubus- Away with the Fairies 5. The Flatfield- Grey City 6. Readership Hostile- Ghost Lived Fire...


 2019-06-17  44m

The Catacombs [EP.45]

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez 1. Dancing Plague- Desire 2. Balvanera- Narratives 3. Kaelan Mikla- Hvernig kemst eg upp? 4. Wingtips- Deaf Pursuit 5. Korine- Captive 6. Skeleton Hands- New Clear Dawn 7. Milliken Chamber- Lowly 8. Noblesse Oblige- Runaway...


 2019-05-28  49m

The Catacombs [EP.44]

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez 1. Praise of Folly- In My Eyes 2. The House of Usher- Not Your Friend 3. Golden Apes- Cedars of Salt 4. Batzz in the Belfry- Come and Die 5. Fields of the Nephilim- Moonchild 6. The Awakening- Shore 7. Red Sun Revival- Lost...


 2019-04-09  49m

The Catacombs [EP.43]

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez 1. Veil of Light- Pale Eyes 2. Geometric Vision- Think 3. Box and the Twins- This Place Called Nowhere 4. Twin Tribes- The Vessel 5. Soviet Soviet- Endless Beauty 6. The Frozen Autumn- Your Touch 7. Dum Dum Girls- Cult of...


 2019-03-04  49m

The Catacombs [EP.42]

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez 1. Selofan- Give Me a Reason 2. Cyan Inc- Turmoil Reigns 3. Drift- Dreams in Silkscreen 4. Paradox Obscur- Drone 5. Diva Destruction- The Broken Ones 6. Mr Kitty- Devour 7. Diary of Dreams- The Luxury of Insanity 8. Principe...


 2019-02-12  50m