The Resetter Podcast with Dr. Mindy Pelz

Dr. Mindy is a women's hormones and fasting expert, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and a mission-fueled woman here to teach you just how powerful your body was made to be. The Resetter Podcast explores to empower you with knowledge, tools, and science on all aspects of health and wellness through meaningful conversations with some of the most brilliant minds that walk this earth. New episodes are released every Monday.


episode 236: Time & Light: Missing Pieces of a Healthy Lifestyle with Satchin Panda PhD

Satchidananda (Satchin) Panda, PhD discusses the impact of food timing on health, advocating for personalized eating windows and gradual changes to fasting routines. Dr. Panda and Dr. Mindy explore the relationship between fasting, metabolic health,...