The Retro Gamers: A Video Game Podcast

Anthony and Larry here to bring you our memories of a time long forgotten but slowly seeing a light of day in the world of video games.Blow off the dust from the carts. Get your wires untangled. We about to go retro!!!

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The Retro Gamers - Episode 191: Collection Complete

Anthony takes time out from moving to make a big purchase while Larry fills out more of his collection with some retro odds and ends. The Retro Gamers:



The Retro Gamers - Episode 190: Rare Gems in the Wild

Anthony drops a big announcement at the start of the show before Larry recaps seeing some rare retro gaming gems in the wild. The Retro Gamers:



The Retro Gamers - Episode 189: Franchise Favorites

Anthony and Rich (filling in for Larry) put themselves on the spot and name the favorite game in some of the most well-known video game franchises of all-time. The Retro Gamers:




The Retro Gamers - Episode 188: Retro Kickstarter Games

Anthony and Larry (well, mostly Larry) discuss retro games they've supported and purchased on Kickstarter. Check out the awesome Kickstarter games we discuss this week: Hyper Sentinel: Battle Princess Madelyn:...



#FBF CLASSIC - Episode 16: Guilty Pleasures

This week Anthony and Larry... Larry and Anthony... the boys talk about the games we loved to play but didn't love to admit we played. The Retro Gamers: Tweet Anthony @matsusu28 Tweet Larry @mohr365...



The Retro Gamers Special Edition 9.0: Arcade1Up & PS5

This week we present our 9th special edition episode. Anthony and Larry discuss the new cabinets being released from Arcade1Up and they talk about the reveal of the PlayStation 5 and next gen games. The Retro Gamers:



#FBF CLASSIC - Episode 15: Nintendo Famicom Mini

Original Air date: 10/3/16 Ten episodes ago, we talked about the NES Classic Edition... The "mini-NES". Ten weeks later, we find ourselves talking about the Famicom Classic Edition... The "mini-Famicom".


 2020-06-12  25m

The Retro Gamers - Episode 187: SEGA's "Big" Announcement

Larry and Anthony recap and react to Sega's "game-changing" announcement from Japan before covering this week's video game news, including a special 25th retro birthday. The Retro Gamers:


 2020-06-09  47m

#FBF CLASSIC - Episode 14 - Top N64 Games

Original Air date: 9/26/16 Anthony and Larry discuss their Top 10 N64 games. The Retro Gamers:


 2020-06-05  44m