The Retro Gamers: A Video Game Podcast

Anthony and Larry here to bring you our memories of a time long forgotten but slowly seeing a light of day in the world of video games.Blow off the dust from the carts. Get your wires untangled. We about to go retro!!!

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The Retro Gamers Ep 17 - Game Show Video Games

Come on down! You are the next listener to hear about some of our favorite game shows we were never old enough to be on, but old enough to play on a home console. The Retro Gamers: Tweet Anthony @matsusu28 Tweet...


 2016-10-24  45m

The Retro Gamers Ep 16 - Guilty Pleasures

This week Anthony and Larry... Larry and Anthony... the boys talk about the games we loved to play but didn't love to admit we played. The Retro Gamers: Tweet Anthony @matsusu28 Tweet Larry @mohr365 Open/Close...


 2016-10-17  45m

The Retro Gamers Ep 15 - mini Famicom

Ten episodes ago, we talked about the NES Classic Edition... The "mini-NES". Ten weeks later, we find ourselves talking about the Famicom Classic Edition... The "mini-Famicom". The Retro Gamers: Tweet Anthony...


 2016-10-03  25m

The Retro Gamers Ep 14 - Top 10 N64 Games

This week Anthony and I review Playboy's list of "10 Nintendo 64 Games Every Retro Collection Needs". Playboy is now a social lifestyle magazine, but that's for another podcast. We give our thoughts on the games on the list and what games we feel...


 2016-09-26  44m

The Retro Gamers Ep 13 - Superhero Games, Part 2

Part Two of our superhero retro game coverage continues as Larry and Anthony discuss some of the best and many of the worst video games released portraying the best superheroes in the DC Universe. Thank you again, Frankie!! JonTron episode mentioned...


 2016-09-19  36m

The Retro Gamers Ep 12 - Superhero Games, Part 1

All request episode by Frankie M. We talk about Marvel games. That's pretty much about it... Pretty straight forward this week. LOL Tweet Anthony @matsusu28 Tweet Larry @mohr365 Open/Close Music: "Come and Find Me -...


 2016-09-05  37m

The Retro Gamers Ep 11 - SoCal Retro Gaming EXPO

This week, it's Anthony's turn to talk about his adventures at the SoCal Retro Gaming Expo. With a myriad of booths, panels and playable games, Anthony recounts everything his eyes, ears and wallet experienced. Tweet...


 2016-08-29  37m

The Retro Gamers Ep 10 - Wrestling Games

It's SummerSlam weekend! NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, SummerSlam, and RAW all this week in Brooklyn. Me and Anthony go in the way back machine and remember some of the best wrestling video games... some not even associated with WWE......


 2016-08-22  27m

The Retro Gamers Ep 9 - Long Island Retro Gaming EXPO 2016

This week on The Retro Gamers, I talk about my experience at The 2nd Annual Long Island Retro Gaming :::breathe::: EXPO while Anthony sits there and waits for me to take a break in my ramblings. My video from The Long Island Retro Gaming EXPO 2016...


 2016-08-15  40m

The Retro Gamers Ep 8 - Movie Video Games

We all love movies. We all love video games. We all love video games based on movies... well, some of them. Anthony and I stroll down memory lane again this week talking about some of the best and worst video games based on movies. (Cheap cross over...


 2016-08-08  41m