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The Retro Hour - Episode 18 (Sega's Former CEO Tom Kalinske)

We get the inside story on Sega's glory days, and their downfall from former CEO Tom Kalinske! Our website: []( Facebook: []( Twit...


 2016-05-06  1h3m

The Retro Hour - Episode 17 (C64 Music With Ben Daglish)

We're joined by legendary C64 musician Ben Daglish, of Last Ninja fame! Plus this week's big retro stories. Our website: []( Facebook: [](


 2016-04-29  1h7m

The Retro Hour - Episode 16 (Viva Amiga!)

We get the low down on the new full length movie about the Amiga, 'Viva Amiga' from its creator Zach Weddington. Plus, the top 5 tips for keeping your old systems running well, and this week's retro stories. Our website: [](http...


 2016-04-22  1h0m

The Retro Hour - Episode 15 (Leisure Suit Larry with Al Lowe)

We catch up with legendary Al Lowe to get the inside story on Leisure Suit Larry, those age verification questions and how Police Quest was inspired by a real life police shooting. Our website: []( Faceb...


 2016-04-15  1h6m

The Retro Hour - Episode 14 (Jim Bagley - Legendary Games Coder)

We talk to legendary games coder Jim Balgey about porting Dragon's Lair to the Sinclair ZX81 (and winning a world record for it) and why the Sega Saturn port of Doom was intentionally crippled. Our website: [](http://theretroho...


 2016-04-08  54m

The Retro Hour - Episode 13 (Commodore 8-Bit Days with Bil Herd)

We talk vintage Commodore with the designer of the C128 and Plus/4, Bil Herd! What was it like working under Jack Tramiel and how did he destroy a $40,000 prototype on purpose? Plus, this week's big retro gaming and tech stories. Our website: [http:...


 2016-04-01  1h8m

The Retro Hour - Episode 12 (GamesMaster The Inside Story With Dave Perry)

We get the inside story on the 90's biggest gaming TV show, GamesMaster. Dave Perry tells us where the Golden Joystick idea come from, why he didn't get along with Dominik Diamond off-screen and what really happened with the infamous Super Mario 64 me...


 2016-03-25  1h13m

The Retro Hour - Episode 11 (Piracy on the Amiga with Galahad/Fairlight)

Did piracy kill the Amiga? How did the big cracking groups operate, and who in the industry helped them? We chat to Galahad from legendary piracy groups LSD & Fairlight. Our website: []( Facebook: [htt...


 2016-03-18  1h9m

The Retro Hour - Episode 10 (Amiga/C64 Demo Scene With Andrew Barnabas)

We chat about the Amiga and C64 demo scene with musician Andrew Barnabas (SWIV/Creatures music), plus Nintendo bringing back the SNES and haunted video games! Our website: []( Show notes: RGDS Podcast: ...


 2016-03-11  1h10m

The Retro Hour - Episode 9 (Psygnosis - The Inside Story With Mike Clarke)

We talk Psygnosis with former employee and legendary game musician Mike Clarke! What was the original Playstation prototype like? Did Microcosm live up to the hype, and what happened to the unreleased games and projects? Our website: [http://theretr...


 2016-03-04  1h8m