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Does Kyrie Have a Point? A Deep Dive Into the Relationship Between NBA Players and the Media | Real Ones

Logan and Raja start off the top with Kyrie’s most recent comments on the media and Raja’s experiences with the media-NBA player relationship (7:00). Then they get into Giannis’s evasive language regarding his future in Milwaukee (31:00) and whether good or bad performances in the preseason mean anything at all (42:00). Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell


 2020-12-14  57m

Trailer for the 2020-2021 NBA Season!

Introducing The Ringer NBA Show's 2020-2021 slate: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock and Raja Bell on Mondays and Thursdays, 'Group Chat' with Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney, and Jonathan Tjarks on Wednesdays, and 'The Answer' with Chris Ryan every Friday to wrap up the week.


 2020-12-12  1m

Does the NBA have a James Harden Problem? | The Answer

The Ringer’s Chris Ryan searches for solutions to the James Harden saga on the debut episode of “The Answer”. First, Chris is joined by Kirk Goldsberry (ESPN) to rank implausible-but-technically-possible Harden trades (07:00) and then Musa Okwonga (Stadio, Ringer FC) dials in to compare the rise of soccer-like transfer requests from NBA stars (36:00). Host: Chris Ryan Guest: Kirk Goldsberry and Musa Okwonga


 2020-12-11  1h7m

Kendrick Perkins on Harden, Westbrook, the 76ers, Kyrie, and Much More | Real Ones

NBA champion Kendrick Perkins joins Logan and Raja on their very first Thursday podcast to talk about his newfound career in NBA media (1:15), the Harden mess in Houston (7:00), how Russell Westbrook will help the Wizards (20:30), Doc Rivers’s potential impact in Philly (26:45), what the Nets could look like this season (32:45), the all-bark, no-bite Clippers (55:00), and much more...


 2020-12-10  1h10m

Making Heads or Tails of James Harden in Houston. Plus a Retrospective on John Wall in Washington.

James Harden has finally showed up to Houston training camp to participate in the COVID-19 preseason protocols—but does that mean he’ll remain a Rocket in 2021 (1:00)? Plus, Michael Lee of the Washington Post joins to discuss John Wall’s under-appreciated relationship with Washington D.C., the pressure he faced as the Wizards’ savior, and what changes about the franchise's direction with Russell Westbrook at the lead guard position (21:00)...


 2020-12-09  1h19m

James Harden’s Antics, Kawhi and PG’s Antics, and the League’s Antics | Real Ones

Logan and Raja are back talking about James Harden’s COVID-unsafe antics in Atlanta and Las Vegas and decidedly not in Houston (1:00), Kawhi and Paul George’s antics for the Clippers that ruffled some feathers, as reported by The Athletic’s Jovan Buha (19:00), and the NBA’s new rules around player rest (35:00). Don’t forget that ‘The Mismatch’ has moved to its own feed. Follow ‘The Mismatch’ on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts. Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell


 2020-12-07  51m

Will Westbrook Help the Wizards? Plus: Lakers Loom Large and PG-13 Talks Trash | The Mismatch

On their last-ever podcast on the Ringer NBA Show feed, Verno and KOC get into the nitty gritty of the Westbrook-Wall trade (3:00), then talk over the latest news around the league, including the LeBron and AD signings (44:00), Paul George’s recent comments about his role on the Clippers, and the NBA season schedule. If you want to keep listening to The Mismatch, please subscribe to their new feed on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts. Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor


 2020-12-04  1h11m

Emergency Podcast: Rockets Trade Russell Westbrook to the Wizards for John Wall | The Ringer NBA Show

Logan Murdock, Chris Ryan, and Kevin O’Connor heed the call as the Rockets trade Russell Westbrook to the Wizards for John Wall and a 2023 protected draft pick.  Don't forget to go find the new feed for 'The Mismatch' on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts. Hosts: Logan Murdock, Chris Ryan, and Kevin O’Connor


 2020-12-03  22m

Taking News: Training Camp Edition | Group Chat

Justin, Rob, and Tjarks are joined by The Athletic’s Zach Harper to take some news...


 2020-12-02  1h15m

Three Free Agent Signings We Like and Three We Don’t | The Mismatch

KOC and Verno have a VERY special announcement at the top of the show, so don’t pump that 30-second fast-forward too hard. Then they get into how coronavirus could affect the 2020-21 NBA season, based on what we’ve seen from MLB and the NFL, and how the NBA schedule could play out (4:45). After that they talk about three free agent signings they liked and three they didn’t (12:45). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor


 2020-12-01  1h0m