The Roaring Trainers

A Pokemon-inspired tabletop roleplaying game based in 1920s' Kanto. Organized crime and political unrest is plaguing the region. In a region in chaos, who will bring the region back into a peaceful era?

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episode 20: Episode 20: Pewter Gym- Sendoren vs. Devon

After an eventful couple days, our heroes finally get a chance to breathe! Atticus finally received his thunderstone! Sendoren is more determined than ever to get his next badge! And Wesley is off to deliver those samples to Professor Pine!


 2019-05-28  2h13m

episode 19: Episode 19: Pewter- Part Six

Last we left our heroes, they were left betrayed by one of their new friends Josh! Now, our heroes are left to recover from being knocked out cold. But there looks to be a silver lining to al this, as our heroes have stumbled across a gaggle of Clefairy!


 2019-05-15  1h28m

episode 18: Episode 18: Pewter-Part Five

After an eventful Pokemon catching session for our heroes, a familiar voice rings through Mt. Moon. Is Sendoren's childhood best friend Josh in trouble? What could he be doing in the cave this late at night?!


 2019-05-01  1h11m

episode 17: Episode 17: Pewter- Part Four

After an eventful welcome home party at Sendoren's house, and a dramatic capture of his new Pokemon Mankey, our heroes finally make their way into Mt. Moon on a mission to catch the rare Pokemon Clefairy!


 2019-04-16  1h10m

episode 16: Episode 16: Pewter- Part Three

After an eventful battle with his childhood bullies, Sen finally had some time to spend with his folks, but after a tough conversation with the gym leader Devon, Sendoren decided to venture into the forest and now finds himself face to face with a Mankey. Will there be some monkey business afoot? Will Sendoren find a way to banana split from the situation?


 2019-04-05  1h10m

episode 15: Episode 15: Pewter- Part Two

After exploring Sen's hometown of Pewter, the boys run into a couple of punks from Sendoren's past, who then challenge Sen to a Pokemon battle! Will our heroes be able to put these bullies in their place?


 2019-03-19  1h26m

episode 14: Episode 14: Pewter- Part One

Our heroes have finally made it to Pewter City! What kind of antics are bound to happen as Sendoren shows the boys around his old stomping grounds?


 2019-03-06  1h10m

episode 13: Episode 13: The Road to Pewter

After winning his first gym badge, we are on our way to Sendoren's hometown: Pewter City! Will is be an easy cobblestoned road to adventure or more of a rocky road to disaster?


 2019-02-20  1h18m

episode 12: Episode 12: Viridian Gym- Sendoren vs. Max

After a run in with Rocko, Filbert, and a mysterious stranger and his Alakazam, our heroes were able to rescue Natasha and Johanna from a contentious hostage situation! But now, Sen has his first gym battle just around the corner! Tune in to see what all the "buzz" is about!


 2019-02-06  1h6m

episode 11: Episode 11: Viridian- Part Five

Our heroes are finally on their way out of Viridian Forest, but once they get out they'll find that Viridian City is bustling with activity and I'm sure Wesley, Sendoren, Atticus, and even sweet little Abby are bound to get roped into it somehow!


 2019-01-23  1h27m